Baum’s Road to Oz: Fourth Post (Newspaper Editor)

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Baum's Road to OzThe article by Nancy Tystad Koupal about Baum’s years as a newspaper editor in Aberdeen, South Dakota was fairly interesting.  It discussed both his editorials and his more subtle ways of communicating his thoughts and opinions to his readers, such as the “Our Landlady” features and advertisements.  I found parts of the article repetitive and dull, but Baum’s use of poetry and writing in ads were particularly interesting.  In general I think I would enjoy seeing the papers or articles themselves far more than I did reading about them.


Persuasion: First Post (First Impressions)

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PersuasionThe introduction to this book was much better than most.  It discussed why the book was interesting and important but gave few details about the plot and generally avoided discussing the ending in any specific way.

So far I have really only met Sir Elliot and Elizabeth, but I can’t say that I like either.  It’s too bad Lady Elliot died since it sounds like she was much better at parenting and managing money than her peacock of a husband!

Deep Wizardry: Third Post (Final Thoughts)

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Deep WizardryThe end of this book is pretty good.  Nita is saved because she is willing to give up herself and Kit manages to stay himself.  I sort of wish that we could have gotten to hear Kit’s point of view somewhere in here, but it would have been a very different book if we had.  I like that the two of them have clearly grown up more and grown closer together.  Their relationship is wonderfully complex and full of depth.  This really is a great series!


Baum’s Road to Oz: Third Post (Poetry Patterns)

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Baum's Road to OzI find it interesting that of the three of the long poems printed about baseball (there was one short one readable in an illustration as well, but it differed from the others), all three were about people discussing baseball, not playing it. I found that fascinating, since most of the baseball poems and stories I’m read spend more time describing the game or the players than the reactions and discussions of the crowd. Of course, “Take Me Out To the Ballgame” about Katie and her beau follows Baum’s pattern and is probably the most famous baseball poem/song ever (even if nobody remembers the verses anymore). Perhaps he truly found the fans more interesting. In many ways they are!


Deep Wizardry: Second Post (Courage)

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Deep WizardryFinally Nita told her family and it wasn’t so bad.  She really does need to learn to find out what she’s getting into before she agrees to things, though.  It seems odd that every ten years or so the wizards in the sea deliberately sacrifice one of their youngest and most powerful fellows.  That just feels very often and quite cruel to me, but what do I know?  I doubt I would have had the courage to become a wizard anyway!


Baum’s Road to Oz: Second Post (Baseball Woes)

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Baum's Road to OzThe baseball team that L. Frank Baum was the secretary for had a rather unusual problem it seems (or perhaps not so unusual?).  They failed, ultimately, because they were too good at the game.  They won too much, so few teams wanted to play them and even fewer teams were willing to come to their home park to play, which meant travel and few profits.  It was quite odd, but I could definitely see how it could lead to failure!


Deep Wizardry: First Post (First Impressions)

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Deep WizardryThis is a very strange book.  It follows well from the first book, but there is so much strange tension and time spent on the problem of Nita and Kit needing to be wizards when their parents don’t know they are.  Life may have been much easier if they had explained it early on, but they didn’t.  Oh well, it will work out alright in the end.

For some reason the whale plot never interested me nearly as much as anything else in the series did!  I’m just not fascinated by marine life, I guess.  And beyond the whale thing the plot isn’t that unique or exciting.


Cricket 34/4: Thoughts

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Cricket 34/4This was a really good issue of Cricket. I always enjoy the holiday stories and this issue had some great ones. My favorite was “A Penny for a Hundred”, which was a Christmas story about a Swedish-American girl and a German POW during World War II. It was followed by a recipe for a stollen that I’m dying to make! There was a charmingly funny Hanukkah story by Eric A. Kimmel as well. “The Market Square Dog” was a wonderful story by James Herriot and had adorable pictures! “In Search Of…” continues to be a very engaging story. I am eagerly awaiting the next installment of the story. It’s extremely well-written and intriguing.

The contest winners in this issue are the short stories about the fabulous map printed on the cover a few issues back. Several of them were very good, although many would have been much more interesting if they could have been longer than 350 words! I hope the editors do another project like this one, it was fantastic! I’d love to see more maps, perhaps in non-fantasy genres (or in ambiguous genres!). This was a great project! I wish that I could have read more of the contest entries!

Baum’s Road to Oz: First Post (First Impressions)

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Baum's Road to OzThis book should be really interesting. It’s about the time Baum spent in South Dakota, which is often sort of glossed over in biographies of him. It must have made an impact, however, because he set a number of stories in that landscape (not the least of which is Henry and Em’s farm in the Oz books). It should be interesting!

Addy’s Little Brother: Thoughts

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Addy's Little BrotherThis was a cute story. It was pretty well done and I was fairly pleased with it. The art was really good, which is nice. I liked the riddles and puns, they run through Addy’s stories and do a good job of keeping the flavor standard. This was a very sweet sibling story with enough depth to be substantial. The project at the end left a bit to be desired, though!

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