Cricket 34/5: Thoughts

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Cricket 34/5This was a good issue of Cricket.  It had the conclusion of “In Search Of…”, a science fiction story that has been running for several months, and I was quite pleased with it.  The story as a whole was excellent and I really enjoyed the conclusion.  They also began a new story that is rather intriguing called “Zulma” about some children in 17th century France.  There was a cute story from Persia called “The King Who Wanted to Fly” which had a very funny flying contraption in it and a very sensible queen who didn’t get nearly enough credit!  My two favorite stories in the issue, though, were “Breakfast for Mrs Roosevelt” and “Two Dollars”.  Both take place during the depression.  The first is about a girl who made breakfast for Eleanor Roosevelt while the first lady’s plane was delayed at a small airport.  It was apparently based on a true story.  The second story was about a little girl buying groceries for a family her father rented an apartment to because they had gone without food for two days in order to pay the rent.  It was a sad, sweet story.  This was a good issue.

The Essays: Eighth Post (Religion Essay)

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The EssaysThe essay on unity in religion was an odd one.  It’s been the longest so far, but also the least focused.  It began quite logically and seemed to be going somewhere, but it’s like Bacon got lost in trivial things that were largely unrelated to the stated focus of the essay.  The long tangent on blasphemy by pretending to be Satan or God was perhaps the strangest, but the many-colored robe one was more interesting and almost on topic (in a way).  It was a strange essay.

The Long Halloween: Third Post (Mystery)

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The Long HalloweenThe mystery aspect of this book is pretty good.  I definitely want to know who “Holiday” is!  I keep wondering why Bruce can’t figure out that Catwoman is Selina Kyle, considering how many obvious clues she unwittingly gives him in this book.  He just seems so dense not to figure it out!  Oh well, I guess it would spoil it if he did, but still… it stretches believability at times!


The Essays: Seventh Post (Death)

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The EssaysIn general Bacon’s outlook on death was surprisingly reasonable and philosophical.  He basically stated that death just was and that it, in and of itself, need not be feared.  He pointed out that we fear it because we tell stories to enhance that fear, like a child tells stories to enhance their fear of the dark.  This was a somewhat long-winded piece in parts, but overall it was a good essay.


The Long Halloween: Second Post (Characters)

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The Long HalloweenThis book is definitely interesting.  Bruce’s life is anything but simple!  I’m intrigued by the Holiday serial killer mystery, and I found Joker’s paranoia about it rather interesting.  Catwoman is a fascinating character, although clearly Loeb enjoys playing with the romantic entanglements of Bruce and his female villains, since Hush did much the same thing (and Poison Ivy appears to be getting into the mix now too).  I like getting to see Jim Gordon working more with Batman, but I do miss the other characters who aren’t here since this is set in the “year one” time (chiefly Dick and Barbara).  I like Batman having companions, even if they are more like sidekicks than partners.  I look forward to the rest of this, though.  It really is good.

The Essays: Sixth Post (Lies)

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The EssaysBacon seems very ambiguous when it comes to truth and lies.  He sees the economic value of lies and perhaps the use they may have in poetry, and he seems to feel that though there are other uses, he isn’t sure what they are.  And he really doesn’t seem sold on the value of poetry, anyway.  Beyond that, he sees truth as something to lord over others.  It was all very odd.  Truth didn’t seem all that useful, but neither did lies if this essay were all we went by.  Perhaps we should all stop communicating with each other altogether and be completely ridiculous!

The Long Halloween: First Post (First Impressions)

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The Long HalloweenOk, Batman and gangsters – I’m definitely interested!  I don’t know much about this book yet, but it comes very highly recommended (Bruce, the guy who runs the local comic shop, has suggested it to me more than once), so I am certainly looking forward to it!

The High King: Fifth Post (Final Thoughts)

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The High KingThe end of this book is wonderful.  I love how the gwythiant from the first book shows up again, but the reference isn’t explained, it’s just assumed that you will figure it out.  The parting at the end is sweet and Taran’s choice to remain always made me really happy.  Somebody has to finish all those projects!  It is just an amazing book!

The Essays: Fifth Post (The King)

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The EssaysBacon’s dedication seems to mean little, but the notes did point something out.  The 1625 version of The Essays must have come out very early in the year, January or February anyway, since Bacon refers to James as the king and Charles as the prince, but James died in March of that year.  Beyond that observation (which the note did not actually clearly make), the dedication was fairly dull.


The High King: Fourth Post (Kaw and Dallben)

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The High KingKaw is a fun character.  I love that Alexander wrote him a chapter that let us see what he was up to and what Medwyn and the animals were going to do.  Even better was Dallben’s chapter where we actually get to see him being a great wizard and where he proved his point about Caer Dallben standing as a stronghold against Arawn.  It’s a great chapter!

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