The Essays: Fifteenth Post (Love)

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The EssaysI really have to wonder why Bacon ever got married at all.  He can think of no great men who ever fell in love.  This makes me wonder who he considers great, since I can think of a great number of great men, both political and otherwise, who fell in love and some point or other in the course of their lives.

How anyone could ever think this heartless, misogynist could have written The Merchant of Venice or A Winter’s Tale or any of Shakespeare’s other masterpieces is beyond me!  (These examples were chosen for their strong female characters and noteworthy love stories, by the way, not because I have any particular preference for them or think they are Shakespeare’s best, although I do hold both in very high regard.)

High Wizardry: Third Post (Final Thoughts)

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High WizardryThe end of this book feels a little sudden, but very well done.  Duane does a good job of describing the mobiles coming to life and the argument with the Lone One.  Nita and Kit’s journey across the universe after Dairine is done really well too, although it never really makes sense why they know so much about aliens when they have never really dealt with aliens before.  The book is great, but there are some strange holes in the plot when you look at it in the context of the series as a whole!


The Golden Egg Book: Thoughts

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The Golden Egg BookThis is a funny story aimed at very young curious children.  It’s very cute, though.  The illustrations are adorable and match perfectly.  I love the things the bunny imagines in the egg (especially the elephant), they’re great!  There isn’t a lot of plot, but there is just the right amount for this to work.  The last line is a little too general and rosy for me, but you can’t have everything, I guess!  This is a cute, fun book and I very much enjoyed it!

Bunny’s Noisy Book: Thoughts

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Bunny's Noisy BookThis is a cute little book.  It is not as cute as Brown’s classic The Noisy Book and it’s sequels, all about the little black dog named Muffin, but it is still fun.  The illustrations are pretty, but more sweet than fun, really.  They are awfully detailed for the board book format that I read the book in!  The backgrounds are pretty, but I guess they evoked peacefulness more than an exploration of sounds for me.  They didn’t feel quite right.  The pictures just failed to match the text.  This was a cute book, but certainly not great.


The Essays: Fourteenth Post (Learning?)

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The EssaysThis book is really odd sometimes.  Bacon obsesses over the strangest things.  His statements about envy struck me as particularly odd because he himself seems to have done all of the things he says are bad to do in this essay.  So was he blind to his own feelings and actions or learning (slowly) from his mistakes?

High Wizardry: Second Post (Switching Specialties)

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High WizardryThis is a great story.  I love how the characters have developed, even if it does bug me that Diane Duane has randomly changed Nita’s specialty between this book and the last!  It’s especially strange since she mentions Nita having a special wizardly connection to trees and other living things earlier in the book and then goes on to state that Nita’s specialty is astronomy.  Her specialty has always been living things before, so what gives?  What changed between chapters three and eight?

I love the part about Nita and Kit developing into permanent partners, though!  It’s perfect and fits right in with the story and what’s going on with them!  I wish it carried into later books better, but perhaps it still will.  Who knows?  She’s still writing, right?


The Bunnies’ Picnic: Thoughts

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The Bunnies' PicnicThis is an adorable book about working together and making the best of a bad situation.  The pictures are busy and fun and full of life!  They really make the book come to life.  The story is adorable and could be illustrated many fun ways, though.  This is just a fun, cute book.  I couldn’t help but feel along with the bunnies in the story (it was so sad when their stew spilled all over the floor!), and I can’t think of a higher compliment for a story like this.

I Could Eat You Up!: Thoughts

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I Could Eat You Up!This is a cute book in many ways.  The animal drawings are adorable and I love the detailed backgrounds in the human scenes.  The text is sweet, but the racially chosen foods seemed odd to me (especially since the blue-eyed blond Caucasian parent just said “please give me a hug” instead of using a food image like every single other parent in the book).  But the sentiment was sweet and I adored the illustrations.  The book just left an odd taste that wasn’t quite pleasant.  Too bad.

Friends for a Princess: Thoughts

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Friends for a PrincessThis was actually a pretty well done beginning reader.  It was told all in verse and the pictures did a very good job of supporting the text.  The text nicely described each dwarf, their traits and their job and relationship to Snow White as a group.  It was cute and nicely done.  I liked this book and see it’s usefulness and appeal as a beginning reader.  It even matched the movie!


Consider Love: Thoughts

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Consider LoveThis is a really cute little book about the many ways people express love.  It’s silly and fun, as Boynton books usually are, and completely adorable.  It’s a book that makes one smile and maybe even get those warm, fuzzy feelings if shared with someone else, but it’s full of fluff and doesn’t pretend to be anything else.  It would make a great card, actually.

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