Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!: Thoughts

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Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!This is a super cute book. The pigeon pleads just like a real kid and the pictures match perfectly. I love how the book is interactive and I love how the endpapers and title page are worked in as part of the story. The ending was really adorable and kid-like too! It was great! Mo Willems is brilliant.

My Friend is Sad: Thoughts

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My Friend is SadThis book is every bit as good as Today I Will Fly! The pictures are wonderful and Gerald and Piggie are wonderfully expressive! I absolutely love that the whole story is simply their conversation in speech bubbles. I love this series! It’s great!

Today I Will Fly!: Thoughts

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Today I Will Fly!This is such an awesome book! The characters have the most expressive faces and body language. There are precious few words, but they tell the story perfectly. I love that it’s all in speech bubbles! It’s such a cute, creative story, too! The pig wanting to fly is awesome and childlike. I love how the elephant reacts, too. He’s so expressive, you can’t help but laugh! I just want to take this book home and share it with everyone!


On Pointe: Third Post (Feeling)

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On PointeClare is so expressive and so feeling. I love that she cares so much about everything and that she can see what her grandfather is trying to say. She’s not always as connected to her own feelings as one might wish, but such is the way with people. I love that she’s there for her grandfather, standing up for what he wants, when her mother is too busy being over whelmed to be compassionate. Clare is a great character.


In Your Own Words: Eighth Post (You the Spy)

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In Your Own WordsI love that this book actively encourages kids to eavesdrop. Basically, Cassedy suggests would-be writers should act like Harriet the Spy (she never mentions the book, but she’s got Harriet’s M.O. down pat). It made me laugh. I think her point about watching people is good, but she goes a little over the top. People tend not to like having kids write down everything they say and do in notebooks, no matter how pure the intentions behind it (see Harriet the Spy as an example)!


Priscilla and the Pink Planet: Thoughts

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Priscilla and the Pink PlanetThis was a really cute book. In style and tone it reminded me a lot of Dr. Seuss. Even the plot was rather Seussian. The verse was very much like his and many of the details in the illustrations were similar to his style. The story was a lot of fun and almost begged to be read out loud! I loved it! Priscilla is such a blast!

Knuffle Bunny: Thoughts

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Knuffle BunnyThis is a super adorable picture book! I love the drawings-on-photograph illustrations, they work really well and give the book a wonderful distinctive look. I also love the story. It’s so real and easy to relate to, every kid had/has a comfort object like Knuffle Bunny and parents who are occasionally clueless (and every parent knows kids can be incomprehensible sometimes). Just about everyone can recognize this situation. This is just such a brilliantly put together book! It’s just perfect and I loved it!

Big Smelly Bear: Thoughts

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Big Smelly BearThis is a cute story about a bear who won’t bathe. The premise isn’t bad, but somehow the book ended up feeling way too heavy-handed with its way obvious message. I guess I just like a little more subtlety in picture books. I liked the art a lot, though. The saturated colors and layered patterns create a great look. My favorite image was the picture of Big Smelly Bear scratching his back against a tree. It was really cute. I wasn’t a big fan of this book, but the art was good, so I’d give other books by the same artist a try.

On Pointe: Second Post (Character Study)

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On PointeThis is a really interesting book. It’s almost more a study of a character during a turning point than an actual story. Clare is really interesting and you can’t help but feel for her, but it’s kind of a world I don’t understand. I get the parental pressure part (and I really don’t like her mom very much), but the idea of losing a lifetime of training because of getting too tall sort of mystifies me. I understand that it happens, but I find it sort of unimaginable. This book does a good job of explaining the feeling of it, though. I’m interested in seeing what Clare decides to do now.


Cricket 34/7: Thoughts

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Cricket 34/7This was a pretty good issue of Cricket. It started with a wonderful story about a girl who wouldn’t let anything stop her from meeting Mr. Barnum and seeing his circus! The story was called “Meeting Mr. Barnum” and was by Patricia Baehr, who followed up the story with a note about the real period and place the story was based on. Later in the issue was a great historical piece raising the question of if the Irish could have been the first Europeans to discover America. It was funny and incredibly interesting (there are some very strange legends about saints, I must say), but it wasn’t finished, so I’ll have to wait until the next issue to hear the conclusion. Continuing on the Irish theme was the beginning of a very funny story called “The House Gobbaleen” by Lloyd Alexander and a bunch of cute Irish jokes. There was also a great story called “A Year and a Day” about a pretty lass and the scoundrel who wanted to marry her. It is a great “clever girl” story and easily my favorite part of this issue. “Zulma” was concluded in this issue and the end was quite sweet, although still a bit sad. There was a cute story called “Spring Fever” that I enjoyed a lot as well. It was just a light, entertaining piece. Overall I very much enjoyed this issue. I’m looking forward to the next one for the continuation of some of the entertaining pieces begun in this one. I’m glad Cricket continues to be such an amazingly high quality magazine month after month!

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