I Spy Fantasy: Thoughts

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I Spy FantasyThis is a cute “I Spy” book, but nothing particularly creative or special. The illustrations are fun to look at and full of interesting details, but just not as engaging or exciting as Where’s Waldo? or similar books. I’m just not sure that the photo format is as good for this type of book as drawings. It’s fun, but nothing memorable or even particularly interesting.

Dawn of Empire: Fourth Post (Final Thoughts)

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Dawn of EmpireWith all the hands this book supposedly went through to get finished how did no one notice the historical issues? Or think to check them? That seems incredible to me. It’s not uncommon at all to consult a historian for books like this, so why didn’t he? He evidently had time! Hell, he had time to consult J. Michael Straczynski! Would finding a historian have really been so hard? Or did it just never occur to him? Very weird.

Writing Superheroes: Eighth Post (Further Method Concerns)

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Writing SuperheroesDyson’s study is really interesting, but I have a number of issues with her methods. First of all, she herself knew nothing about superheroes when she started the study and largely relied on her student assistants to gather information about them. If she had little to no knowledge of the material herself, how can she really pull meaning from what the kids do with it? Of even more concern is her limited sample (one class) and brief time with them. She spent only the second semester of each of two school years observing the class. Why the break? Why didn’t she observe the first semester that second year (assuming she wasn’t ready to observe the first semester of the first year or some other reasonable reason)? It seems like a major oversight, and Dyson makes no remark on it, no explanation at all. If she had reasons for setting up her observation schedule that way, they failed completely to make it into the book. It makes no sense at all and is extremely frustrating!

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom: Thoughts

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Chicka Chicka Boom BoomThis is a fun alphabet book. It personifies all the letters of the alphabet as playful kids climbing a tree (and falling out of it). The colorful pictures and rhyming text are great and make this a fun book to read. There isn’t a lot of plot and it probably has little appeal beyond being a nice alphabet book, but it does that extremely well and has a lot of re-readability!

The Gulps: Thoughts

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The GulpsWow is this book didactic. Talk about focusing on your lesson! It was so busy preaching that it wasn’t any fun at all! The pictures even preached – you almost didn’t need the text! I really couldn’t enjoy this book, even if it was a good lesson, because it was just too preachy. The characters were way too stereotyped too. It was almost insulting! This is definitely not a good book!

I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean: Thoughts

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I’m the Biggest Thing in the OceanThis book is just begging to be read out loud. It’s full of color and energy and humor. The story is super simple but also extremely appealing. The character of the squid is just right – funny and fun to read. This book has a ton of kid appeal and is generally just fun. It isn’t likely to become a classic, but it is a blast to share!


Rapunzel: Thoughts

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RapunzelThis is actually a really interesting, unique telling of the Rapunzel story. I’ve been similarly impressed with all of the ‘Berry Fairy Tale’ books. This series has fascinating ways of reimagining stories! The illustrations were delightful and Strawberry Shortcake’s look was certainly nicely adapted to Rapunzel. I’m so pleased with how creative and interesting this version of the story is! I’d love to add it to my collection!

Queen of the Class: Thoughts

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Queen of the ClassThis is a great story with Engelbreit’s typical delightful illustrations. I actually found the play itself as interesting as the actual plot of the book. It was about a princess defeating a dragon with a sword and shield. The princess was clearly the hero (and matter-of-factly so, as well), but she is also dressed as a princess in a floaty blue princess dress. This makes this an awesome and rather unusual girl-power/girl-gamer book. I definitely want to add it to my collection!

Biscuit Goes to School: Thoughts

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Biscuit Goes to SchoolThis is a really cute story. Biscuit is simply adorable. I love the illustrations in this book, they are so expressive! The one with the teacher looking down at Biscuit (who is holding a pencil in his mouth) is just adorable. I can just imagine giggling at this book when I was a kid! It’s a cute, fun beginning reader!

A Moment to Remember: Thoughts

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A Moment to RememberThis book is very much like My Perfect Wedding in many ways. It again has the theme of being a princess being hard work (and frustrating work) with the added idea of the struggle to keep romance alive in a marriage. This is actually a great story. It’s realistic in a fairy tale way and still has a sweet ending. I like this one a lot. I actually kind of want to buy this one because it’s that interesting!

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