The Amazing Spider-Girl 8: Thoughts

Posted in Comics at 1:41 am by Rosepixie

The Amazing Spider-Girl 8This was actually a pretty good story. It had a few issues (the thing with the closet was way overblown), but in general it was well done. The women were actually awesome. I loved how every woman in the issue was written, but especially May and Mary Jane. They were strong, smart, logical, emotional in realistic ways and flawed in believable ways. They were interesting to read about. The plot was quite interesting and I liked how it ended believably – things weren’t tied up perfectly and happily, but it was satisfying. The book’s art leaves something to be desired. It wasn’t awful, it just wasn’t interesting. Faces were probably the weakest part, especially female faces, which is kind of annoying (since the central characters were female). A more dynamic, interesting art style would be good for this book (a better artist doing solid superhero comic art like that seen in other Spiderman titles would be perfect). Art is half the medium, it needs to be somewhat less boring!

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