The Elves and the Shoemaker: Thoughts

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The Elves and the ShoemakerThis isn’t a bad retelling of this fairy tale, but I can not figure out why they changed the elves from being naked to just being clothed poorly. Maybe they were afraid to draw naked elves? But it would have been easy to avoid that! Anyway, the illustrations are odd, but certainly interesting – almost surreal in a way. Overall I felt like this was an ok version of the story, but really nothing special.

That’s Good! That’s Bad! In Washington, D.C.: Thoughts

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That’s Good! That’s Bad! In Washington, D.C.This book wasn’t nearly as good as the others like it Cuyler has written. It felt way too safe. It started out well, but the boy kept ending up back with the class, in relative safety. That’s just no fun. The art felt a little duller too, but that may have been carry-over from the story. I just found this one rather disappointing.

Heat Wave: Thoughts

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Heat WaveThis is a great summer book. It makes you hot just reading it! The illustrations just drip with heat. It’s got wonderful illustrations! I loved the story too. It gave a great slice of life look at the people in this town reacting to the heat day by day. It had great pacing and style. I really enjoyed it!

Diary of a Worm: Thoughts

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Diary of a WormThis is a really cute book! I love that it works so well with Diary of a Spider, too, incorporating the same characters and everything. The art is adorable (I loved Worm’s house) and the diary is so cute! The worm’s fear of hopscotch is great! This is such a fun book! Cronin and Bliss did a great job with it!


Norse Myths and Classical Myths: Nineteenth Post (Frithiof)

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Norse Myths and Classical MythsYou would think that Baldur, of all the gods, would have been on Frithiof’s side! Instead it is when his statue falls and his temple burns that poor Frithiof truly becomes an outcast. He has no hope of winning back Ingeborg and now no hope of ever going home again either (not that there’s really much home to go to). This is not a happy story.

Samantha Learns a Lesson: More Thoughts

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Samantha Learns a LessonI like Samantha’s second speech, although I’m amazed at how short the speeches all are – less than a minute or two each! This may be mostly for the book, but I guess I would have liked either longer speeches or portions of the speeches left out, thus allowing the speeches to be as long or short as necessary without it actually affecting the length of the book. That said, they were interesting and it was overall a good book.

Casey Back at Bat: Thoughts

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Casey Back at BatThis book certainly made me smile! I loved the crazy things blamed on that baseball! I don’t know that I’ve ever read about anyone hitting a baseball through time before! And the illustrations were awesome! I love how newspapers were the base for all the uniforms and everything! It looked awesome and was really clever. This is definitely a fun picture book!

Angelina at the Fair: Thoughts

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Angelina at the FairThis is a fun story. I love that the pictures are as important to the story as the text is. The simple plot is cute and recognizable to anyone with a younger sibling! The characters are sweet and real and fun to read about. I really enjoyed this book!

The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Car Trip: Thoughts

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The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Car TripThis is a cute book and a pretty good description of what the high points in a good car trip can be. It really glosses over the boring parts, but I think that’s ok. I like this book a lot. It’s definitely a good Berenstain Bears book! I would absolutely recommend it! The title doesn’t really make sense or match the book, though.

Guess How Much I Love You: Thoughts

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Guess How Much I Love YouThis is a very sweet story, but really more of a baby or toddler bedtime type story than anything else. It’s cute, but I really don’t understand its enduring popularity. The pictures are cute, but not really remarkable. It’s sweet, but just not especially special, I guess!

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