Sold: Third Post (Men)

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SoldWeather sucks. These poor women are doing everything they can to survive during a drought and then a monsoon while the man in their lives does absolutely nothing of any use. It’s awful! Their lives are so hard on so many levels and the stepfather in the story really doesn’t seem to care. It’s really very sad!

Knuffle Bunny Too: Thoughts

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Knuffle Bunny TooThis is an absolutely adorable book! It’s probably just as cute as the original and the story is great. It’s not a rehash of the first book at all, but it does have some of that same flavor! I love the illustrations! The drawings-over-photographs technique was used to even better effect in this book than in the last one! It’s a great book! Willems is great at telling fun, interesting stories and his books always seem to be just right! It’s great!

My Dadima Wears a Sari: Thoughts

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My Dadima Wears a SariThis is a beautiful book with beautiful illustrations! It’s a wonderful, sweet story about family and heritage and custom. It made me wish it was more common for women here to wear saris! I’d love to wear one more often! They are so beautiful and comfortable! This book celebrates them wonderfully. Sheth did a marvelous job with this story and I’m incredibly impressed with Jaeggi’s illustrations as well! It’s a lovely book well worth reading!

Orange Pear Apple Bear: Thoughts

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Orange Pear Apple BearThis is such a cute book! The text is so simple, but when mixed with the illustrations it becomes so much more interesting and even complicated! It’s almost an exploration of language usage as well as a simple look at some fruit and a bear! It’s also got such soft, beautiful illustrations it would be good even just on that basis! This one is awesome!

How Big is the World?: Thoughts

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How Big is the World?This is a cute, quiet book. I actually really liked a number of things about it. I liked that the child went off and traveled the world without his parents, and that it was completely find that he did so, and I liked the almost philosophical way the question was answered at the end (by the child, no less). This was a surprisingly intelligent, interesting book. I liked it a lot.

Diary of a Fly: Thoughts

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Diary of a FlyThis is a super cute story! I love the focus on comic books and being a superhero – especially since Fly is a girl! Like Cronin and Bliss’ other bug diary books, this one is really cute and a lot of fun. The topical jokes (asking for her own room, etc.) were great. I love the pencil on the cover! I thought this was a great book, especially with all the “Superhero Girl” stuff! It was just so much fun!

Glass Slipper, Gold Sandal: Thoughts

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Glass Slipper, Gold SandalThis is a really cool book! It’s the most unique presentation of the internationalities of a story that I’ve ever seen! Fleischman and Paschkis did a brilliant job of weaving together the various versions of the story from around the world in and interesting and compelling way! I was just entranced by the story and how it changed from place to place, and yet how similar each version seemed to be! What an amazing book! I just loved it! This is really a gem!

Norse Myths and Classical Myths: Thirty-Eighth Post (Pandora)

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Norse Myths and Classical MythsThe Pandora myth was told pretty well, but I never liked that myth. I just hate what it says about women. Women were created as a spiteful gift, meant to punish men. Pandora is allowed no thoughts or feelings of her own at all, even her curiosity is predetermined and imposed on her. She is certainly not “all-endowed” in any meaningful way for her. And then, of course, it is woman’s fault everything bad in the world exists. Never is it blamed on the vindictive gods who set up the situation, knowing full well what would happen.

I have similar objections to the Garden of Eden story.


Sold: Second Post (Women’s Lives)

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SoldWomen’s lives are so difficult in the town where this story is set so far! They seem to do the lion’s share of the work and the worrying. The things the heroine is told about what to do when she is married and her period and such are pretty disturbing. Some of them I can see the reasoning behind but others seem solely designed to shame and subjugate women. As if their lives weren’t difficult enough, they’re told they kill crops just by looking at them while menstruating and are forced to eat the scraps of their husbands’ dinners and drink from the water with which they’ve washed their husband’s (probably gross and dusty) feet. It’s pretty awful, if you ask me. And the girls get locked in goat sheds for a week when they first get their period! How stupid is that?


Norse Myths and Classical Myths: Thirty-Seventh Post (Hercules)

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Norse Myths and Classical MythsThe twelve labors of Hercules makes a great story, but I’m unclear why parts were glossed over and one part must be saved for another chapter! I was a bit confused by the beginning, though. It described the incident with the snakes in the cradle. It also described Hercules with human parents. Where did the father come from? Wasn’t Hercules a demigod-son of a mortal woman and Zeus? There should be no father in the picture! What’s up with that?

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