Owl in Love: Thoughts

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Owl in LoveThis is such a good book. I’m amazed at how consistently Owl thinks like an owl rather than like a human. She is such a wonderfully painted character. I think that’s a big part of what makes this book work. It could so easily have become dumb, but it never does. It remains a powerful, amazing book all the way through. Kindl’s writing is really great. I just love it!


Samantha’s Surprise: More Thoughts

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Samantha’s SurpriseThe preview chapter for Happy Birthday, Samantha was cute and all, but not what I would have chosen as a preview. It was the part of the story where all the major plot points are revealed – the dog stealing the bear, the salt in the ice cream, and the neighbor boy. It’s just a strange choice to have made.

Testament of Youth: Ninth Post (Sexism)

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Testament of YouthI can’t believe how stupid it is that Vera Brittain, and doubtless numerous women like her, was expected to drop everything in the middle of a war and rush home simply because her father was uncomfortable. Just because she was a woman she was considered, by her parents anyhow, fully at their beck and call regardless of how she was serving the army as a nurse or anything. How aggravating and illogical it all was!


Samantha’s Surprise: Thoughts

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Samantha’s SurpriseThis was a really sweet and well told story. I think that it may be the best of the first three Samantha books. I particularly noticed how realistic Samantha’s feelings and reactions were. It was great – she completely felt like a nine-year-old girl (a slightly spoiled one, at that). The illustrations were pretty, but the fact that Samantha’s Christmas dress was wrong in the illustration bugged me. I admit that the dress is a small point, though, so it’s unlikely to really bug anyone else!


Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass: Thoughts

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Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking GlassThis is really one of the worse abridgments of anything I’ve ever read! It feels very much like the person doing the abridging was trying to make the stories make more sense. The result of this is that not only do that make notably less sense (something of a feat, given the source material), but most of the wonderful fun is completely stripped out. It’s awful! And the illustrations are really badly recopied and recolored from Tenniel’s. They don’t help the book at all!


The Qwikpick Adventure Society: Third Post (Final Thoughts)

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The Qwikpick Adventure SocietyThis was a really fun book! I would love to see a sequel to it! These are such fun characters and the writing was just perfect for the story being told (I am in awe of the fact that the tone kept solid through the whole book, even the part about the poop fountain). This really was a super fun book! I’m so glad that I got to read it!

Cricket 34/12: Thoughts

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Cricket 34/12This was a fun issue of Cricket. I loved the story “The Race”, which was another tale from Harriet Burandt and Shelly Dale’s Tales from the Homeplace: Adventures of a Texas Farm Girl. I also really enjoyed “Promises”. “Barn Gravity” started in this issue and I will be interested in seeing if the title ends up having multiple meanings! “The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse” was an unusual but definitely interesting story! Donald J. Sobol’s tale “In the Belly of the Whale” was certainly evocative. He’s great at painting a picture. My favorite feature is always “Old Cricket Says”. It never fails to be interesting and entertaining! There was a lot more in this issue, too. It had some great stuff, but horse stories are rarely my thing. I very much enjoyed the issue anyway, though!


Testament of Youth: Eighth Post (Edward)

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Testament of YouthSo much tragedy came to Vera Brittain’s life during the war. It’s almost hard to believe that it would just happen to work out that way, but it did. I rather admire and kind of envy her relationship with Edward. It’s just so special and close. I can’t imagine how comforting that must have been (and then, later, how painful to lose).


The Qwikpick Adventure Society: Second Post (Unusual)

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The Qwikpick Adventure SocietyThis was certainly a unique adventure! I’m not sure that I really needed a know that much about how sewage treatment plants work, but I am definitely glad that I’m reading this book! It’s just so much fun and so unusual that it’s hard to resist! The poems the kids wrote about the fountain were hysterical. This is a really fun story that I never would have expected to enjoy so much!

Testament of Youth: Seventh Post (Fuzzy Memories)

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Testament of YouthAs descriptive as Vera Brittain is about her feelings and everything so far, it stands out that she’s very fuzzy on what happened after Roland died and even pretty hazy on how she felt about it (comparatively, anyway). I can understand that, though. That must have been and incredibly painful time to remember and probably a lot of the memories are fuzzy. When you’re mourning everything else goes away and later it’s hard to remember that time because you’re barely aware of what’s going on when it’s happening. I think Brittain did an amazing job with this book.

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