Have Pen, Will Travel: Fourth Post (Final Thoughts)

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Well that was an opening for a sequel if I ever heard one! This was a fun book, though, so I would totally read any others the author writes in the same vein. There was just a great sense of humor through the whole thing and I really enjoyed the narrator’s voice. I’m glad I got to read this book!

Have Pen, Will Travel: Third Post (Lost!)

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This is a campsite trail, so they can’t really get that lost. The grow-ups are going to be really pissy when they are either found or get back to camp, though. And poor Tiffie (worst name ever, by the way) can’t even walk on her own any more. These kids definitely need some help right about now!

Have Pen, Will Travel: Second Post (Point of View)

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Wow. This author is doing a great job of making this a really horrible camping trip! I am really enjoying Ellie’s sense of humor and ways of responding to various situations. Her observations about everyone else are interesting and astute. I love how completely colorless her uncle is – that is such a great image of an adult through a kid’s eyes! The cousins are great too.


Have Pen, Will Travel: First Post (First Impressions)

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This is a cute book, but there is really no plot (at least so far). The art is cute too. I like the humor, it’s very wry in its way! The secondary characters (the family members and the boy in the camp) are very caricatured, but fun and even fairly believable if you keep in mind that the view of them we get is through the eyes of the main character. I’m really enjoying this book.


If You Give a Pig a Party: Thoughts

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This is a really cute story. It doesn’t flow as nicely organically as If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, but it’s still pretty cute. The details in the illustrations are awesome (like how the pig steals her dress from a doll). I thought the illustration of the hide-and-seek game was awesome! The animals were all hidden in great, clever places. I really enjoyed this book but thought it wasn’t quite as good as some of the others.

Confessions of a Part-Time Sorceress: Seventh Post (Final Thoughts)

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Ok, how on earth did WOTC manage to miss that “attack roll” was used wrong in the example sentence in the glossary? I mean, seriously, you’d think someone would have caught that one before it went to print! Besides that, the glossary and sample character sheet were pretty good. Astrid is probably the most under-equipped PC I’ve ever seen, though! I really hope the rest of her party has made up for equipment deficiencies.

This was a fun book, though. It really well conveyed the joy that can be found in gaming! The discussions of why to play and the basics of how were really well written. This book is funny and a love of fun to read! I would definitely recommend it to people and I should really do a proper review of it sometime.


Dragons of Autumn Twilight: Fourth Post (Randomness)

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The scene in the dragon camp was pretty funny. What was with the unicorn and pegasi? They seemed so random. It especially felt kind of random how the pegasi just dropped them in the middle of the plains. Why did they have to stop there? What was it that was just ahead that they couldn’t handle? They never really did say! I am interested at this point, I just also find a lot of this ridiculous! Oh well! I thought half-elves got the immune to sleep spells thing. Am I wrong? I must be. It must be just elves.


Confessions of a Part-Time Sorceress: Sixth Post (Party!)

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Shelly’s certainly got the whole elf thing down. I loved the description of her game with her non-gamer friends! I’m so glad that it went well, Michael and I were a bit worried there for a while. The D&D themed menu was pretty funny too. It almost made me want to make some of that stuff and host a party or something. Maybe I’ll make one of the recipes for snacks on a gaming Sunday sometime! We’ll see!

Such a Prince: Thoughts

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This is a really fun retelling of the “Three Bags of Truth” story! I loved Libby Gaborchick, the fairy narrator. She was hysterical. The illustrations were awesome. I loved Princess Vera, too. The characters were all so much fun and so wonderfully drawn. Some elements of the original tale I sort of missed, but this version was so much fun and so cute that it almost didn’t matter. And they certainly wouldn’t be missed by new readers! An audio version of this would be amazing. This is a super fun book!

No More Monsters for Me!: Thoughts

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This is a really good story. I like the dynamic of the single-parent household, it’s very realistic. The story is also surprisingly complex and interesting. I love the fight at the beginning and the longing for a pet running through the whole book. Both mother and daughter have a ton of personality! I really was impressed with this book and enjoyed it a lot!

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