Flight, Volume Four: Third Post (Process)

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Some of the stories in here make a ton of sense and some I don’t understand at all. This is still an amazing book. I just wonder how the artists got involved in this project and how they decided what to contribute for it. What inspired these stories? They just amaze me!


A Practical Guide to Dragons: Second Post (Black Dragons)

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This is a really cool book. I love the short section on Draconic. The sections on each particular type of dragon are interesting and have lots of great illustrations are maps. Black dragons are really creepy! Reading the section on Black dragons in this book gave me a whole new appreciation for The Black Wing and the section on Khisanth in Dragons of Autumn Twilight. I almost wish that I’d read this first!

Hattie Big Sky: Second Post (War)

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It’s so interesting how even with all of her other concerns – everything involved in protecting and proving up her claim – Hattie still has plenty of time to focus on the war and related issues. The war seems to permeate everything and everyone’s lives. That is such an interesting aspect of the book!

The storyline with the children weathering the storm with Hattie and Karl’s retrieval and fence building after that was awesome. It was sweet and said a lot about both the characters and the lives they live. It was perfect for the book.

Flight, Volume Four: Second Post (Windows and Boxes)

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This is a really interesting book. The stories are each so unique and many are very, very powerful. I think that the story about the windows and the men who make them was awesome. The story about the box that stopped time was incredibly powerful (and kind of creepy and sad). I’m so glad I’m reading this! I really want to go back and read the first three!

Flight, Volume Four: First Post (First Impressions)

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The first story, with the cute little horned critter and the giant tree, was really beautiful. It was also quite intriguing to read because the twists were all really interesting and usually surprising! The Fish/Clams story was really weird. I was totally fine with it until the two women turned into a fish and a clam monster. Then it was a bit too weird, even for me. The ending was cute, though. So far I’m enjoying this book.


Romeo and Juliet: Sixth Post (Final Thoughts)

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The end of the play was interesting. For some reason Paris’s death was made into an accident, which works but seems odd (that was strong glass to completely pierce through Paris’s torso, yet Romeo shattered it easily just before). Maybe it was to try and make Romeo look like a good guy? With all the death, you’d think more official proceedings would need to happen in this situation. If this is modern-day and the Prince is a cop, why can the Prince just hand down judgement and punishments? Doesn’t he answer to someone? Isn’t there a justice system of some kind? It’s very weird!

Romeo and Juliet: Fifth Post (Abandoned)

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If Romeo’s a pop star, why is he suddenly living off in a mobile home and no one seems to have noticed? Wouldn’t you think a pop star would have a nice set-up, even while out of town? What, did his parents abandon him too? They must know where he is, Lady Capulet does. There’s no way the Capulets could find him while his own family could not, so what gives? This is just another in a very long string of weirdnesses in this book.


Romeo and Juliet: Fourth Post (Abuse)

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Wow. They made Lord Capulet really abusive and edited the text so that the abuse is completely without provocation, too. This book is making me more and more uncomfortable as I go along. I wonder if the Hamlet in the same series is this way or if it’s something about this play that brings it all out? Whatever it is, it’s extremely disturbing!

Romeo and Juliet: Third Post (Serious Creepiness)

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Ok this took a weird turn. The prince thing still bugs me (especially since they call him “the prince”), but the fact that Juliet is thirteen and all mentions of her age are left in is by far the creepiest thing. “Younger than her are happy mothers made” is one thing when the story is set in a time when that was the norm and, thus, totally culturally acceptable, but this is set now. I get that it’s set in Japan, but even there thirteen-year-old mother aren’t really seen as culturally desirable. It puts a really creepy spin on Juliet’s parents trying to marry her off, on Romeo and on everyone in on the lovers’ marriage. It just doesn’t work.


A Practical Guide to Dragons: First Post (First Impressions)

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This is an entertaining and interesting book. I’ve been wanting to read it for a while but I’m finally reading it now because I need to learn about dragons in a non-mechanics way for the Dungeons and Dragons game that I’m in right now. So far it’s been both amusing and helpful! Apparently dragons don’t like sweet-tasting foods. Who knew?

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