The Berenstain Bears Lend a Helping Hand: Thoughts

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This is a very sweet Berenstain Bears book. It’s got a good plot and, for a change, has as much to say to parents as to kids. The artwork is awesome. I loved the details – all the cool stuff in the attic was great! The plot flowed nicely and didn’t particularly feel preachy, even though there were definitely lessons there. I very much enjoyed this book. It was fun and well done!

Biscuit’s Snowy Day: Thoughts

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This is a very cute Biscuit board book. Nothing especially happens, but Biscuit and the girl have fun in the snow, showing some of the things you can do on a snowy day! As always, the illustrations are adorable and I loved Biscuit’s red sweater. This is just a cute, sweet book. Perfect for a snowy day!

Little Monster: Thoughts

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This is a fairly cute beginning reader, but it definitely subscribes to the ‘Dick and Jane’ school of storytelling. At least Little Monster is a hell of a lot more interesting than a couple of white middle-class kids, even if he isn’t doing anything particularly radical. Monsters are just naturally more interesting. The illustrations are really cute. They were definitely the best part of the book. I loved how the monsters looked. This is a cute book and much better than I expected.

How To Be a Friend: Thoughts

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This is actually a really good book about friendship and related issues for really young kids. It discusses a wide range of topics intelligently and simply with clear, simple illustrations. The examples include all types of children (even a number of handicapped ones) and speaks very respectfully of childhood friendship issues. Even the endpapers are helpful with kid suggestions for how to be and not be a friend! This is simply a wonderfully done book and I’m extremely impressed!

Punchinello and the Most Marvelous Gift: Thoughts

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This is a cute story. It was nice that although it was easy to predict in very general terms how it would turn out, the book remained surprising in the specifics of how it got there. The art is pretty, but I wasn’t actually terribly fond of it because it didn’t always represent the events of the story very well. I enjoyed this book overall, but didn’t feel that it was especially amazing.

The Mitten: Thoughts

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This was a really cute book. It’s a funny story and Brett’s lavish illustrations do a beautiful job of bringing it to life. Her details are marvelous and I love how she really brings in elements of Ukrainian folk art. The animals are beautiful and her attention to detail with each of them is very apparent. This is definitely a book that is fun to read on a snowy winter’s day and would make a great gift paired with some mittens!


Rose and Isabel, Part 2: Thoughts

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This is a really good story, but I think that maybe I liked the first book better than this one. I did love the artwork. The plot was great, but I liked it a whole lot better before he randomly threw in the mutant healing thing. I am really glad that I got to read these as they are pretty unique. Mathot did some very interesting things. I do wonder why he felt the need to add the supernatural element, but the characterizations were great. I very much enjoyed it.

New Moon XV/1: Thoughts

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The theme of this issue was “The Great Debate” and nearly every article presented at least two viewpoints on whatever the given topic was. I largely enjoyed the issue, but I wished that there were more than just two viewpoints given on most of the topics. Most things were presented as very black and white, but that isn’t the only way to see it. Compromises, shades of gray and completely different views are all there, but weren’t presented or acknowledged. Recognizing that there are more than two sides is really important and I would have thought that New Moon would have understood that! Oh well. I loved the poems in this issue, anyway.

First in Space: Thoughts

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I seem to be on something of a graphic novel tour of the history of space exploration, or at least the history of animals in space exploration. I wonder why that’s such a hot topic this year? Anyway, this one reads well so far, although the similarities in storytelling style to Laika are almost uncanny. I wonder if it’s me or if it’s really there? I guess I’ll have to read more and find out.

Henry V: Eighth Post (Final Thoughts)

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This book was really well done. Not only was the play beautifully presented but all of the additional information at the end was pertinent and interesting. I love that they even included URLs for every theatre and company they talk about! It’s incredibly well done and useful!

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