Sunset of the Sabertooth: Thoughts

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This was a fun book and the story was cute. The kids having to find appropriate clothing was an interesting element. I wonder why their clothes change in later books but not in this one? Is Morgan going to adjust the spell for them? That would be good! I look forward to the end of this story arc!


Puppy Love: More Thoughts

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Well, she still doesn’t have a pet, but at least Babymouse learned how to take care of one. The dog was cute and I liked how the problem of training the dog was approached. Babymouse’s fantasies about training focused entirely on having a spectacularly trained dog, not on the training process itself! The reality proved to be much different. It was quite well done!

Flight, Volume One: Fifth Post (Final Thoughts)

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“The Bowl” was a pretty powerful story. I was impressed by how much the bowl experienced, how it was part of nearly every aspect of the community’s life. It was sad to see that all so underestimated by the historians of the museum! The “fifty years retrospective” about the book was funny, but also rather interesting. I enjoyed this book a great deal!

Puppy Love: Thoughts

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Babymouse is so enthusiastic, but also a little clueless. I love the runaway pets all partying with the discoball under the bed! The Charlotte’s Web sequence was awesome. It had the charm of Babymouse and nostalgia of the classic story with a “typical” twist! This is definitely fun so far! The brief references to famous comic book (and other medium) owner/pet combos was great!

Merry Un-Christmas: Thoughts

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This is a really fun twist on a Christmas story. The illustrations are busy and do a great job of portraying a weariness for all things Christmas. The little girl’s face is consistently great. I also love how the family gets so excited by what we consider normalcy. This is a really good, unique Christmas book!

Flight, Volume One: Fourth Post (Plot)

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The story about the circus detective was good. It didn’t really answer all of its own questions, but the story made enough sense that it didn’t really matter. I liked the art in “Wings”, but there wasn’t a whole lot of coherent plot. It really felt like more of an art piece than a short story, which I guess is ok, it just isn’t what I was expecting.


Flight, Volume One: Third Post (Confusing)

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I really didn’t understand those first two stories. The one about the girl falling or jumping had a confusing ending and I just wasn’t sure what to make of “Dummy Brother”. What happened? Was there a story? I was just confused!!! I loved “The Maiden and the River Spirit”, though! It was awesome!


Flight, Volume One: Second Post (Emotions)

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I enjoyed the story with the little girl and the giant robot. It was full of wonderful emotions and expressions. The story with the woman on the bike, however, left me with mixed emotions. I liked her riding freely and experiencing things as they came, but why did what made everything better have to be getting kissed by a boy? Seriously? She doesn’t need to be depressed anymore because a boy kissed her? That’s just stupid.

Violet in Private: Second Post (Body-Image)

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I’m not sure how I feel about this book. I like that they’re pointing out the hypocrisy in the body-image message from the fashion industry, but all of the name dropping is weirding me out and everything seems designed to show how awesome Violet’s life is, despite her protests that it isn’t. I think that it’s just a bit too wish-fulfillment-ish for me. I’d have more appreciation for the attempt at a positive body-image message if Violet wasn’t constantly judging the women around her by how they look!


Flight, Volume One: First Post (First Impressions)

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So far this is pretty good. We got to see Copper again (he seems to have a really interesting world to live in). I loved the art in the kite story! The story “I Wish…” was interesting and I really liked the ending. I loved the “Hugo Earhart” story too! So far, this has been fun!

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