Long May She Reign: Fifth Post (Susan)

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I feel really bad for Susan, but I actually think that Meg handled the situation pretty well. She was strong and serious and stood by her friend. I’ll be interested to see how her discussions with Hannah, the reporter, go and how her new injuries play themselves out. I’m really glad Vicky gave her hope about skiing again! I think that’s going to make a big difference!


That Girl Lucy Moon: Third Post (Responsibility)

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I feel so bad for Lucy. Her mom is being extremely unfair to her family! Going on trips that last this long is one thing, but it’s really only fair if you tell them where you’re going and when you’re coming back. And it’s not fair to rub in that you’re missing things or treat your family like they’re stupid, like saying a plane ticket is too expensive and then sending a gift that costs that much!


Becoming Jane (2007): Thoughts

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I wasn’t extremely impressed with this movie. It flowed oddly and the character of Jane felt almost nothing like what I have read of the real Jane Austen. Besides, if she supposedly had such an exciting, scandalous life, how come it’s never written about? It just didn’t follow. It was a very Austen-esque story, with the exception of the ending, but it didn’t work as a bio-pic. Pride and Prejudice wasn’t the first book she wrote, either. In general, the events of the movie seemed more worried about inspiring Pride and Prejudice than about reflecting Jane’s real life. Oh well!


New Moon XV/5: Thoughts

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This was the “25 Beautiful Girls” issue for the year. I don’t generally find this issue to be terribly interesting. I like New Moon‘s articles and none are in this issue. They kept the advice column and artistic sections, but cut out all of the articles. I understand why they do this issue and I think that it’s great, but it doesn’t make for riveting reading!


Long May She Reign: Fourth Post (In Meg’s Head)

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Meg seriously let the things that the terrorist guy said get to her. I can’t believe she was afraid her agents would kill her if it happened again! I mean, I believe it, but it’s awful! I’m glad that she’s opening up, but she needs to work on balancing things better. This is definitely an interesting book!

That Girl Lucy Moon: Second Post (Unsatisfying)

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Lucy’s way of getting the boys in trouble was clever, but the plot was kind of unsatisfying (assuming it’s done). The teacher who assigned Lucy the paper still doesn’t make any sense why the boys got away with an awful lot and even got Lucy thinking there was some value to their girl judging. Otherwise the story continues to be kind of interesting, but that part very much annoyed me.


Long May She Reign: Third Post (College)

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Meg is definitely having some problems with college and dorm life. She needs to start letting people in, but given how much that scares her right now, I don’t really know now she’s going to get to a mental space where she can. In the meantime she’s only making more trouble for herself all the time.


That Girl Lucy Moon: First Post (First Impressions)

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Well so far I like this book a lot. It has set up a story the end of which I’m either going to love or going to hate. We’ll hope for the former! Lucy has an incredibly stupid teacher. He is condoning sexual harassment of a pretty severe nature in his classroom both by asking the girls to allow the boys to perpetuate the behavior and by punishing the victim when she fought back. Not to mention not putting a stop to the boys’ behavior himself! I look forward to seeing how this plays out and hope very much that Lucy sticks to her guns!


Arthur and Lancelot: Third Post (Final Thoughts)

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This book has pretty good back matter. The list of suggested additional reading sources was really good, a mix of books and websites, legends and historical information. There was a piece about the writer’s sources and how the art was checked for historical accuracy. I was glad to see all of it, it added a lot to the book.


Long May She Reign: Second Post (Meg)

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It was kind of hard to tell at the beginning of the book if Meg really was recovering because she couldn’t see any progress and she’s our narrator, but now that more things have happened it’s pretty clear that she’s making strides she doesn’t even see. I’m actually really impressed by how well White has limited our field of vision by sticking so faithfully to her very scarred and very scared narrator’s point of view! What else are we missing because Meg doesn’t care to notice?

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