Without a Trace: First Post (First Impressions)

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Well, so far the mystery is pretty interesting, although I think Nancy is missing some obvious clues about the zucchini case. The voice is strange. It’s supposed to be in first person, but Nancy speaks like an adult writer in her narrative, not like a teenaged girl! It’s very strange. Still, it’s not as bad as I expected.


Stranded in Harmony: Second Post (Character Study)

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This is really well written and an excellent character study, the problem is that there’s not very much plot. I’m really not sure what the plot actually is. The characters in the background (Lucas’s father, Sara, etc.) aren’t always as three-dimensional as one might want, but since this is basically from Lucas’s point of view that might actually be a good thing. What teenager really sees the people around them? This is a strange book. Mostly, it makes me want to read something else by this author and see if she otherwise has stories with more plot, or if this character study heavy tale is her style.


The Dragon in the Sock Drawer: Fourth Post (Final Thoughts)

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This book ended a little strangely, but otherwise was a really good book. I keep wondering how the sheepdog thing is going to work. What happens when she gets bigger than a sheepdog (which won’t take that long)? It was a fun story, but there definitely needs to be more to it. I know this is meant to be the start of a series, so I’ll look forward to the next book!

My Hero: Thoughts

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This was a cute retelling of the movie story stripped down to its barest bones. The art is pretty good, too. The story feels a little rushed, but that’s not really surprising. They probably should have only retold part of the movie instead of the whole thing!

Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper: Thoughts

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This story was a little confusing when reduced to this length (and I’ve seen the movie), but the photographic illustrations were actually pretty neat. They weren’t always convincing, but the backgrounds especially were pretty cool. I wish the story had flowed better, but I guess I can see why that would have been challenging.

Fancy Nancy’s Fashion Parade!: Thoughts

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This is a cute sticker book, but it’s a little more directed than I’d really like. I also wish there were more options for the various pages (more hats, etc.). The art is cute, but not as polished as Glasser’s. I guess I just wasn’t super impressed with this book.


A Busy Day at the Farm: Thoughts

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This was a really cute book. I loved how Cronin kept it consistent with her other books by pulling in details from them. The animals’ various morning routines were very funny. You have to wonder how anything gets done on Farmer Brown’s farm! The illustrations were great. I really loved just looking at what was going on on each page. This is a fun little addition to the Farmer Brown library!

Bunny My Honey: Thoughts

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This is a cute book with really nice illustrations, but I’m not sure that I really liked it. I just found the necessity for Mom to fix every little thing annoying. The kids seemed incredibly useless. And where were the duck’s and the mouse’s parents if parents are all important? I guess I just kept wishing one of them would show some independence at all! Oh well.

Biscuit Visits the Doctor: Thoughts

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This was a good doctor book and a good vet book. It was cute and did a good job of showing what veterinarian visits are like with poppies. The illustrations were cute, but not quite as polished as they usually are in this series. I liked this book, but it wasn’t amazing.

Biscuit’s Birthday: Thoughts

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This is a cute story. I liked how realistic it managed to be. The animals clearly don’t understand or care about what’s going on, but Biscuit still smells treats! The art is cute and the flow was good. This is a very simple book, but I think that’s a good thing!

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