Supergirl 2: Thoughts

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This comic is so much fun! It feels so nostalgic! It’s even printed on newsprint-type paper like the old comics were. The story is mostly light and fun, totally kid friendly, especially girl-friendly. I would totally give this to young kids! I’m curious about some of the other DC comics aimed at kids. Are they all this good? And I sort of want to get more of this title as well!

Robin 182: Thoughts

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Tim is definitely getting scary. He’s getting darker and edgier by the day, it seems. He doesn’t seem to feel bad about getting two kids blown up, he’s just glad he got the credit for saving the day. The credit should really have gone to Spoiler for getting the gangs to work together and to the GCPD for cleaning things up effectively and working with the people there! Too bad Tim is too busy being moody to see any of that. He’s going to drive me crazy if he keeps this up too long.

Nightwing 152: Thoughts

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Dick is going to be a great Batman. He even managed to earn Ra’s al Ghul’s respect, something only Batman has ever managed to do before. The beginning of this issue, showing Dick looking at all of the Batman costumes and various parts of the Batcave was awesome. I’m so excited by the idea of Richard Grayson as Batman!

Green Arrow and Black Canary 16: Thoughts

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Oh my god, what is wrong with this woman? And poor Dinah! That wound looked incredibly painful! So, I’m glad that Ollie is developing a relationship with the cop because that could be really good, but it made me realize that there hasn’t been any kind of service or funeral or anything for Batman (or Bruce Wayne), and that’s sad! Batman deserves a funeral!

Detective Comics 852: Thoughts

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Hush certainly does have an overdeveloped ego. I’m not surprised that he was such a threat and I’m not surprised that he was caught the way he was. I’m amazed that he was able to fool so many of Bruce’s friends and acquaintances. He really must have followed Bruce closely to be able to mimic his habits and mannerisms well enough to convince people. But ultimately, he was brought down by the woman he underestimated and that is as it should be. He deserved it.

The Vermeer Interviews: Thoughts

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This is a fascinating book. I’d love to see more books in the same vein! The interviews are fun to read and so full of information! They teach about the artist, the time period, the place and how to read a painting. The little details are picked out beautifully and tricks with light and colors and shapes are shown nicely.

Shakespeare Retold: “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (2005): Thoughts

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That was a blast. Puck is my favorite character in this play, one of my favorite characters ever, and I must say that I loved his portrayal in this! He was excellent – funny, stubborn, mischievous, a little crass… perfect. I liked Oberon a lot too – he did a great job with the role. The way that they reworked the story worked surprisingly well. I really enjoyed this one. This may be my new favorite movie version of this play.

Birds of Prey 126: Thoughts

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Uh-oh, Calculator just got a power-up too! That is so not good! He still doesn’t seem to get who Oracle is, though, which seems remarkably dumb of him. How are they going to defeat him? This series has to end well or I will be so disappointed. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see!


The Sword Thief: Ninth Post (Final Thoughts)

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This was a great book. I do have to wonder how Alistair possibly managed to survive the cave collapsing, but now that he has there’s not much point in me spending too much time worrying about it. So now they’re heading to Egypt. I swear that we were told early on that Grace spent time in Cairo, but Michael doesn’t remember, so we aren’t sure about that. I hope I’m right and a trip to Cairo means that we get to learn more about Grace!

Shakespeare Retold: “The Taming of the Shrew” (2005): Thoughts

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I really enjoyed this one. I was extremely dubious about how well this particular play could be updated, but I thought that they did an excellent job. Katherine (spelled wrong, by the way) was great and Petruchio made the perfect match for her. I thought that Bianca’s story was a little weak, but ultimately worked out alright. This was a fun movie. And oh, I adored Katherine’s wedding dress! It was absolutely fantastic! I’m really looking forward to “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.

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