“The Emperor’s New Clothes” (1972): Thoughts

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This was cute. The live action animation worked nicely (and bridged well with the real live-action parts with Danny Kaye). I’m not sure why people always feel the need to introduce more plot and political intrigue to this story, but it seems silly. That said, this was an ok plot for the story. The ending felt a bit too lesson-heavy (even for this story!). I liked Princess Jane, though!


“Mansfield Park” (1983): Thoughts

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This was a pretty good movie. The letters to William that framed every segment were a perfect storytelling device and gave the movie a nice structure. The aunts were both believably annoying, but the seemed rather designed to be. Fanny was good, although perhaps portrayed a bit more frumpy than was necessary. Still, I very much enjoyed the movie!


Nightmare on Zombie Island: First Post (First Impressions)

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Endings Found – 1
Deaths – 1

This is not exactly an auspicious beginning, is it? Who takes kids to an island full of zombies anyway? I’m not impressed with the intelligence of my companions simply because we’re here! I do expect that it will make for an exciting story, though!

The Master of Shadows: More Thoughts

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The Master of ShadowsThis is clearly not the end of the story. This is a really intriguing story. I definitely want to read more of this one! This set of three books really read like one book, though, so I’m really confused about why they were published as three separate books! But the plot is so intriguing! Why is the Shadow Master so fascinated with Rebecca? Is it connected to why the fishing village worshiped her? And what is the power of the camera? What are the shadows? Will Ilvanna become a shadow spy now? And how does Max plan to get back?


The Search for the Red Dragon: Second Post (Old Friends)

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I’m enjoying this book so much! Barrie was wonderful and it made me wish that I could have met him! I’m looking forward to meeting Peter Pan so very, very much! I’m curious about what was changed in the past. It must have happened somewhere in the tower, but what specifically was it? I’ll be interested to see Bug and Aven again as well. This book is simply marvelous!


The Master of Shadows: Thoughts

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The Master of ShadowsThis is definitely getting intriguing. Why did the fishing village have a statue that looked like Rebecca where they placed offerings? Why did Grandpa Gabe feel that he needed to destroy the gates? I’m beginning to really like these characters. They each have a very distinct personality. It’s no obvious why the three boys are friends, but I like that it’s not obvious! It somehow makes them more believable. I look forward to finding out what happens next!

“The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” (2003): Thoughts

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This movie really isn’t very good. The characters are strange and feel very sensationalized (Mina is probably the best example of this, but others suffer from it too). The plot only sort of makes sense and has a tendency to allude to things that are never really explained. The costuming drove me crazy. Mina’s costumes are by far the worst, but many of the men’s costumes are pretty bad too. Nemo is puzzling. He’s dressed as a Sikh but the fact that he worships a Hindu goddess is shown and discussed, so why make him appear Sikh at all? It’s an odd choice. I just found myself wondering about many of the choices made in the making of this movie.

“The Dark Knight” (2008): Thoughts

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This movie was very long. There were a lot of good things about this movie. The Joker was interesting and Two-Face’s origin story was intriguing. I found it most interesting that Batgirl was given a point of origin, without ever being mentioned. There was more to Batman’s character than in the previous movie, but it actually felt farther away from Batman this time. I liked Gordan and the villains and Alfred, but Bruce bugged me. Fox was really good, too. I’m consistently impressed with the storytelling and the perfect moments (like when the two ships were asked to blow each other up), but it just doesn’t feel like Batman to me. It’s a good movie, though.

“Batman: Gotham Knight” (2008): Thoughts

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I was reasonably impressed with this series of shorts about Batman. The first short had four teenagers swapping stories about their encounters and was highly entertaining. Various shorts had Batman facing Scarecrow, Killer Croc and even Deadshot. Each short was in a different art style so the Batsuit appeared dramatically different throughout. I thought that the most interesting suit was the one featuring a high collar and dramatic yolk. This was a highly amusing and consistently intriguing movie.

“Batman Begins” (2005): Thoughts

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This is an excellent movie. It’s storytelling is solid and it’s visuals are amazing. I find myself balking a little bit at this version of Batman, but he’s incredibly internally consistent and really rather compelling. Alfred is awesome. I was impressed with Ras al’ Goul and kept wishing that Talia had been in the movie. This was a good movie, but it really just made me want the real Batman and his cast of characters. And I hated the car.

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