The Shadow Spies: Thoughts

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Poor Ilvanna! This world is really pretty awful. It makes for a fascinating story, though. Why didn’t Theo tell anyone else about the dream or vision he had? They wouldn’t have known what it meant, but sharing information is always good. Why is it always the kid with glasses who is always getting hurt? It seems a very unfair and very persistent stereotype! And who is the warrior woman on the dragon? Why does she speak English? It’s very curious. I really hope that we find out about her in the next book. There are a lot of mysteries to solve yet!

Where Angels Fear to Tread (1991): Thoughts

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I wasn’t terribly impressed with this movie. The story seemed vaguely interesting, but there were so many long boring stretches and scenes that seemed purely designed to show how silly the women were that I grew exasperated and lost interest before too long. It seemed like the main lesson here was that women are irrational and never do what’s best. Of course, the men weren’t doing so well either! It just got annoying. I watched to the end, but I’m not sure why. Oh, well. At least the sister got to do what she wanted at the end, sort of.

He Knew He Was Right (2004): Thoughts

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He should have known that he was an idiot. I really liked and sympathized with Emily right up until she admitted guilt for what she had not done. It was right about then that I decided that I probably shouldn’t ever read this book. I enjoyed the minister’s saga with the French girls. It was very funny. This was extremely well done, but mostly a vexing story, so I can’t say I’d really recommend it. Great costumes, though!


The Way We Live Now (2001): Thoughts

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This was an interesting movie. The gowns were gorgeous and always seemed well matched to the scene and character. I liked the understated characters much more than the ones that seem to be caricatures. The railway plot was very interesting. I loved the strong female characters and the fact that no everyone ended up married off at the end. I was thrilled that Miss Melmotte ended up wealthy and independent, free of her abusive father and without a confining or unfaithful husband (without any husband). I was so pleased that she encouraged the women around her to live their own lives as well, direct them as they wished rather than wait for men to do it for them.

Byron (2003): Thoughts

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I didn’t like Byron very much in this movie. He felt very overdone. It felt very much like the makers of the movie wanted me to like him and find his wife shrewish and annoying, but I found myself liking her a great deal and not liking him much at all. The costumes were delightful, though. Very lavish and pretty. Too bad we didn’t get to hear more about his wife and daughter’s lives, they seemed far more interesting than him!


Emma (1972): Thoughts

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I was not terribly fond of this version of Emma. Miss Smith was well done, as was Jane Fairfax and some of the other secondary characters, but Emma herself was pinched and annoying. She wasn’t the charming, open girl repeatedly described at all. I thought that the pacing was a bit off as well, since events tended to be bunched up with long boring stretches between them. I think that this is my least favorite version of Emma so far!

Sense and Sensibility (1995): Thoughts

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This version of the story is markedly different from the one I saw yesterday. I thought it was odd how over-the-top nearly everyone was in this movie (especially most of the women). I guess that I just wasn’t enthralled by this movie and I think a lot of it had to do with how very outrageous so many of the characters were. I liked Margaret, though! She was a fun character absent from the other version. She made up for a good deal.

The Jane Austen Book Club (2007): Thoughts

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This was a fun movie that actually did represent the book pretty well. I was amused that even the esoteric LARPing references were left in! The acting was delightful and I particularly liked Grigg. The discussions about the books were surprisingly robust and detailed for a Hollywood movie. I really did enjoy it a lot and, like the book, it makes me want to read Jane Austen’s books again!

Pride and Prejudice (1980): Thoughts

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I liked Elizabeth a lot in this version of the story, but I very much disliked Mr. Darcy. He never smiled! I was completely unconvinced that he felt anything, much less love! He was so serious all the time and so depressing. The costumes were more proper in this version than any of the other movies of the period I’ve watched recently (more focused on lace tucked in bodices and such). It wasn’t a stellar movie, but it wasn’t bad. It was certainly nowhere near as good as the 1995 version!


The Search for the Red Dragon: First Post (First Impressions)

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They’re going to find James Barrie! I’m more excited now! The strange Pied Piper prologue was very curious and really has me wondering what’s going on. I’m remembering again why I enjoyed the first book in this series so much and I hope that I enjoy this one just as much! I’m already enjoying it immensely.

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