Nightmare on Zombie Island: Eleventh Post (Final Thoughts)

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Nightmare on Zombie IslandEndings Found – 28
Deaths – 16
Not-Quite-Deaths – 8

There are a lot of ways to die in this book! Mostly you’re being killed by zombies, but you can also drown and die by falling into deep holes. The main thing that was weird was how all of the adults did whatever the kid (who the reader is making choices for) said to do. Why would they do that? And why didn’t the writer make the reader’s character a research assistant or something, someone it’s more plausible the other adults would listen to? It just felt very weird.

Meet Felicity: More Thoughts

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Meet FelicityThis is an interesting story, but as historical fiction I found it really frustrating. Normally I would cut a book a little bit of slack for getting the historical details wrong, but a big part of the intention of this series is to teach readers about what it was like to be a girl in the time periods described, so in this case the details are really important. So many things were inaccurate (some were corrected in the “Looking Back” section, but most weren’t) that I really don’t feel like this did a very good job of showing what it was like to live in Williamsburg, VA in 1774. I found it rather frustrating, and that really hurt my enjoyment of the book. I’ll be interested to see if later books in the series continue to feel this way or if the problem was somewhat fixed later on (I suspect that it wasn’t).


Nightmare on Zombie Island: Tenth Post (No More Safe Point)

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Endings Found – 26
Deaths – 12
Not-Quite-Deaths – 8

I found five more endings this time. Three more deaths (one where we died falling into a deep hole), a not-quite-death and a survival. Besides the hole, the other really interesting ending was one where the zombies actually followed us successfully all the way out to the ship. That’s never happened before. The ship was a point of safety before this ending – if we could reach it, then we were safely able to escape the danger of the island. Apparently that safety was an illusion and should not really be relied upon! It was definitely an interesting twist.

Fashion Rocks Fall 2008: Thoughts

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I don’t see the point of this. There’s almost no actual content and I actually found most of it to be pretty condescending. I didn’t even like the vast majority of the fashion depicted. It was altogether disappointing.


Batman: Battle for the Cowl 3: Thoughts

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Despite an incredibly shaky start, this ended very well. Dick sort of took charge of everything and stepped up to what he really knew he should have done all along. Jason never gave in and I have a feeling that we’ll be seeing him again. I would have liked this to be a little more than just an extended fight between Dick and Jason, but I guess it accomplished what it needed to. What I loved best about this issue was the page where Dick’s narration box transitioned from a Nightwing box to a Batman one. It was simple and subtle and incredibly effective!

Oracle: The Cure 3: Thoughts

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Ok, so I’ve had lots of issues with the series as it went along, but other than the cover (which really is positively dreadful) this issue was really good. I liked the guy who recognized Barbara from when she was a librarian and I liked the ending where she finally got to defeat Calculator (which, by the way, should have happened in Birds of Prey). She’s still in her wheelchair, thank goodness, and she still managed to be superheroic. I’m not sure what to make of Wendy being paralyzed, but I hope that they do something with that and don’t just forget about her (and I hope the something they do with it is not to make her an Oracle clone, that would be stupid – the wheelchair is not actually a necessary part of who Oracle is and what Oracle does). Wendy deserves her own story now. I hope she gets it. She won’t, but I can hope just the same.

Azrael: Death’s Dark Knight 3: Thoughts

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This three-part story ended surprisingly well. Dick really stepped up and took charge like he needed to, like Batman, and even Talia took notice. I’m not sure that I see the wisdom in letting Michael keep the armor and the swords, especially given that ending, though! I doubt that I will pick up the Azrael series, but I will be interested in how it affects the Batman story.


The Network 1: Thoughts

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The idea behind this comic was really good, but in practice it sucked. Huntress being so willing to kill someone seriously made no sense. It was nice to see Oracle competent and everything again after such a string of weak portrayals of her, but I would have rather seen it in a good story. This did leave some loose ends and the promise of more, which could be good if it’s not like this (really at all). I do hope that we get to see more of Misfit, though! Oh, and this has, hands down, the worst cover of the Battle for the Cowl event.


Meet Felicity: Thoughts

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Felicity is very opinionated. She seems quick to judge and unlikely to slow down before jumping (to action or conclusions). Annoyingly, she also has some very modern opinions that totally don’t fit the time she lives in. For example, she hates the tanner for killing old animals and turning their hides into leather. For 1774 that view really doesn’t make much sense!

An Abundance of Katherines: Fifth Post (Final Thoughts)

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This is an unbelievably good book. For a novel it has an unusually large amount of back matter. Most interesting was the appendix which endeavors to explain the math in the book (or some of it, anyway). It does a reasonably good job, although it never even touches on the more complicated formula Colin postulates. I was amused that it stated that no mathematician with a heart seriously tries to explain relationships with math and then goes on to list some who have done just that! I am in awe of the book as a whole, though. It’s brilliant.

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