Power Girl 1: Thoughts

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This was a little over-the-top, but still pretty good. Karen was well-written and I hope that as the series progresses we continue to see her company and her regular life. The danger/threat in this story is really interesting. Ultra-Humanite wants Power Girl’s body. Not her mind or personality or anything, just her body. He want to inhabit it and is willing to trade, it seems, the city of New York to get it. But why? She, as a woman (particularly as an attractive, large breasted, blond woman), gets regularly treated like she’s dumb (we even see it in this issue), so why does Ultra-Humanite, for whom intelligence is everything, want her body? Of course, gorillas are also generally thought of as dumb and he’s already put his brain into the body of a gorilla, so perhaps that part of the point. Regardless, it’s an odd thing. I’ll be very interested to see what the rationale behind it is. More than anything, it makes me want to know more about Ultra-Humanite!

Green Arrow and Black Canary 20: Thoughts

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The therapy session was stupid. Both Dinah and Ollie have public identities, so what was all that about? And they are not at a breaking point yet, even this story shows that (not that I want them to be, but since their storylines are supposedly sort of splitting two issues from this one, it seems like somewhere there’s a disconnect). Good therapy would probably be a good thing for them, but since they seem to have found the worst therapist ever it seems unlikely to happen. And, again, what’s with the stupid and totally unrelated cover? This book is doing a really good job of totally pissing me off.


The Wonderful Wizard of Oz 6: Thoughts

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The winged monkeys got to tell their tale in this volume and it was quite funny. Dorothy wore a very pretty yellow frock and pinafore on the journey back to the Emerald City and I kept wondering where she got it! The Wizard looked rather like a mole. It startled me at first, but I think that the look works. I’m still enjoying this series very much!

Castle Waiting 15: Thoughts

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This was really interesting. The art is great and feels just right for the fairy tale world of the story. The tale is relaxed, but full of fascinating characters and a lot of fun to read. The romance with the giant was sweet and definitely gave a lot of background to parts of the world. I’m really looking forward to reading more of this story!

Tom Thumb (1958): Thoughts

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This was a cute movie, but the musical interludes were way too long. The segment where Tom is playing with his living toys goes on for an unbelievably long time! The special effects were pretty good for the year it came out. I was a little disappointed in how pathetic the forest queen was and how her romance was written. Being told “I respect you” by the man you love should not be taken as an insult! I just found her frustrating and disappointing. Tom was good, though. They played with his size very well.

Supergirl 6: Thoughts

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This was awesome! The story was totally solid and well-told with just enough twists and turns to keep things interesting. The art was cute and totally appropriate for the story. I am pleased that they left a few loose ends, hinting that it’s possible that we could see more of this series. I hope that we do see more because this was such a good story! The writing and art were so good! I would absolutely buy this if it was to keep being produced just because it is so good and so much fun!

Nightmare on Zombie Island: Ninth Post (Defeating the Zombies!)

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Endings Found – 21
Deaths – 9
Not-Quite-Deaths – 7

I found one new ending and I think that it was the best one yet! Not only did five people survive (the most so far), but we actually made the zombies return to their graves! This is the only ending that I have found so far where the zombies are actually defeated! The other survivals have all be escapes. This was cool.

Supergirl 1: Thoughts

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This was a good first issue. It gave a great backstory for Supergirl. I also loved the scenes with her at school. It’s clear that Kara really does want to learn about her new home, it’s just that a middle school full of kids who already know the basics is probably not the best place to do it! The characterizations and dialogue in this comic is seriously top-notch! I’m super impressed with it and I hope that this writer does more fun stories like this!


The Horn Book LXXXV/3: Thoughts

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This was a fun issue of The Horn Book! It focused on books and food. There was a great article about wonderful food in children’s books and a bunch of short, personal pieces from authors and illustrators about eating and reading. There was also an interesting “What Makes a Good…?” article about science books. It gave many great examples of good science books, although it had some serious shortcomings. The article kept comparing science books to novels, which really doesn’t work, and seemed generally of the view that not only are novels more enjoyable, but it’s a struggle to get most kids to read science books. I think that there’s some problems with that. There were a bunch of great reviews in the issue as well. I did notice a rather disturbing anti-science fiction and fantasy trend, though. Twice in two pages I came across reviews stating that a book was good despite being part of one of those genres (that it was a rarity for the genre to find such a good book). It was stated that action and deep characterization are rare in science fiction. More than anything, this statement served to make me wonder how much science fiction that reviewer could have read to have said it! So, I complained a lot here, but in general I really did enjoy this issue! The food stuff in particular was awesome!

An Abundance of Katherines: Fourth Post (Theme)

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This was an incredibly amazing book (and technically I’m not finished with it yet). Colin’s shift from a math theorem to a story was perfect and made so much sense for his character and for the theme of the novel. I would definitely put this on my list of indispensable young adult books. It’s so pitch perfect! The story and writing are amazing and the theme is fantastic. This is definitely a book that I would recommend highly!

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