Marvel 1602: Second Post (Superheroines)

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The story is so interesting in so many ways. It’s an intriguing blend of historical figures and events and transplanted modern fictional characters. As a result, we get a fresh new look at what it means to be a superhero and how images can be repurposed. Gaiman doesn’t choose to use very many of the female Marvel heroes (not that there really are all that many), and it’s easy to see how they posed special challenges that the male characters did not. I’ll be interested to observe this further as the story goes on.


Beyond the Grave: First Post (First Impressions)

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This started a little roughly. It did a good job, however, of putting us in a new setting and reestablishing the characters right away. I was pleased that this book started from Amy’s point of view, since the writers have largely preferred to look over Dan’s shoulder in the past. I am looking forward to getting more into this adventure and seeing where it goes!


Babymouse the Musical: More Thoughts

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This was awesome. Henry is a fine new character and I kind of hope that he sticks around. I loved the scene where Babymouse was trying to say the “rain in Spain” line! The narrator’s song was brilliant, too. The narrator in this series has become a pretty distinct character. S/he is snarky and honest, a good pairing for Babymouse herself!

Marvel 1602: First Post (First Impressions)

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The preface of this book is like the ones scholars write for classics and is annoying in all of the same ways. I’m glad that the book I’m about to read is great and ground-breaking and stuff, but don’t spoil it for me before I read it! It’s really obnoxious when they do that!


Felicity’s Surprise: More Thoughts

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This book ends well. It has a good, solid story and a fun, satisfying ending. All of the plot threads in this book were tied up as well, which made me very happy after having been so frustrated with the previous book. The “Looking Back” section was excellent and did a good job of describing what Christmastime in Virginia was like then (although it would have been nice if it hadn’t so clearly assumed that the reader was Christian).


Babymouse the Musical: Thoughts

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Henry Higgins? Ok… Well, at least everything is pretty much familiar at the very beginning – locker squid, clumsiness, mean kitty, comic-book reading best friend, yep! all there! I look forward to seeing Babymouse try out for the musical. Why shouldn’t she? It’s a school musical! It’s not like there’s hundreds of talented performers jockeying for parts!

Same-Sex Marriage: More Thoughts

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A lot of this book was good. I liked that it included the bible verses sited in religious arguments against homosexuality as well as explanations of them from different viewpoints. I wish that there had been more here that would really mean something to a teenager. Even when there was, like how unmarried couples often don’t have the right to visit each other or their children in the hospital or how they may not even be able to pick up their kids from school, they weren’t conveyed in ways that would make a kid really relate. Basically, the facts were there, but it was distant and boring like a textbook. There was never any hint of why I should care about this issue enough to think about it and make up my own mind (I, personally, have opinions, but her intended audience is undecided and uniformed kids and teenagers). I realize this was supposed to be a neutral book, but that’s no reason for not engaging your audience!

Felicity’s Surprise: Thoughts

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This book has started out much better than the last one. The problems surrounding the dancing lesson are logical and flow well from the previous two books. I liked Mr. Merriman’s sentiment about Christmastime and the possibilities of people coming together. I wish that we were getting to see at least one loyalist with that kind of attitude. Maybe there will be one later on in this book. It just seems like Annabelle is really the only loyalist we ever see and she’s belligerent and obnoxious. It’s not very fair to show loyalists as overwhelmingly unreasonable and mean while patriots/rebels are shown primarily as full of good sense and people to be admired. It was far more complicated than that and there were many good and not-so-good people on both sides.

Petals on the Wind: Eighth Post (Final Thoughts)

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The revenge at the end of this book felt kind of empty. The final revelation about Cory didn’t even make sense – someone would have smelled a decaying body left in a house at some point! This just felt kind of empty and strange at the end. I didn’t like Cathy and I didn’t like the story or how it was told.

Same-Sex Marriage: Thoughts

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I have been impressed with the writing in this book, but have found much in it to object to. The problem is that the book bills itself as a fair discussion of the issue, but it feels like it has a pretty distinct position or agenda anyway. It also has little thoughtless things that strike me as telling that the book designers didn’t really care about what they were doing (like the joined “female” symbols that appear in the background of some pages always being upside down). I really wanted to see a fair book on this topic for kids and teens, and this is close, but it’s such an important issue right now and they deserve to be able to make up their own minds with a better resource.

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