Happy Birthday, Felicity!: Thoughts

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There’s not really any plot to this book yet, but the themes and storylines from earlier books in the series have been nicely picked up and continued. I’m not sure why nothing has happened yet. In so short a book it seems like the story should pick up pretty quickly. Oh well, hopefully something will happen soon!


“North and South” (2004): Thoughts

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This was an odd movie. The story was interesting and well told. Unfortunately, must of the acting was overdone and it quickly got old. Not all of the character were as well-developed as it felt like they needed to be, either. I did enjoy it, though. It wasn’t great, but it was fun to watch.

“Duck Ugly” (2000): Thoughts

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This movie was a weird mash-up of fairy tale and nursery rhyme characters. I found it odd that the Ugly Duckling was the hero and while he asked what “ugly” meant often, the themes from his story were never dealt with nor was his question ever answered. The story was good and the fairy tale characters were used well. It was a very weird movie, but I enjoyed it anyway!


Gotham City Sirens 2: Thoughts

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I’m still enjoying this book a lot. It has a fun perspective and the characters are handled really well. I loved how Selina got Harley and Ivy off her back about Batman’s identity. It not only used a logical and easy misdirection trick, but it played on the old idea that no one would really believe that “millionaire playboy, Bruce Wayne” was Batman. I’m really enjoying this book and I hope it stays that way!

If There Be Thorns: Eighth Post (Final Thoughts)

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So Cathy is now afraid of her son (who’s totally as crazy as ever). That’s very much a bad thing. And why don’t they get Bart help? He seriously has problems, so why are they ignoring them? Just because Corrine and John Amos are dead doesn’t mean he’s all better! He’s a seriously disturbed kid. I just don’t understand these books.

Batgirl 1: Thoughts

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I’m so glad that Steph is going to be Batgirl! I’m not sure what to think of Cassandra’s stated reason for giving up her cape and cowl, but I’m really happy to see her choose Steph to hand them on to. I look forward to seeing how Barbara gets involved. She was more like herself in this than she has been for a while (although she was still pretty emo). I really enjoyed this issue and am very much looking forward to more!

“Wives and Daughters” (1999): Thoughts

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I really enjoyed this movie. Molly was so charming and likable! The stepmother and stepsister provided lots of amusing drama. The ending was a bit on the predictable side, but it was ok, since the middle was really enjoyable. The costumer did a great job, too. The costumes were brilliantly matched to the characters and really went a long way towards helping convey who they were.


A Brain Wider Than the Sky: Third Post (Describing Pain)

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Levy is still bugging me by his apparent inability to recognize experiences that differ from his own as equally valid. He is right, though, that describing pain is extremely challenging. It always drives me crazy when doctors get annoyed at what they consider to be inadequate descriptions, considering how nearly impossible pain can be to describe!


Atomic Robo 1: Thoughts

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This comic is really well written. The pacing and phrasing of the dialogue is great. I’m consistently impressed. The art is really good. Occasionally it veers a little too far into the over-stylized end of the spectrum, but in general it’s great. Even the colors, fonts and letter sizes of the dialogue boxes are done well. They add a lot to the tone and meanings behind the dialogue. I look forward to reading more of this one.

If There Be Thorns: Seventh Post (Unaddressed)

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Well, everything sort of worked out. Bart is still pretty messed up and Chris and Cathy have major issues, but at least Corrine is gone. Still, this was a pretty awful story and the woman-hating was never really properly addressed or resolved, which is beyond frustrating. I just can’t imagine what the author’s goal was in writing this book the way that she did.

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