Invisible I: Fifth Post (Addresses)

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The address that Amanda gave Callie seemed like it was some kind of message specifically for her, but the other two addresses seem pretty random. Was “Chloe” a clue of some kind? It must be, but for whom? What’s going through Hal and Nia’s heads right now? And what is Callie going to do? I am glad that we finally got the story on Bea, but it makes me dislike Heidi even more.

Jack of Fables 30: Thoughts

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“Everybody read for your lives!”

This story has gotten super wacky, but it’s also pretty fun. I’m not sure how I feel about the characters all being made darker, edgier and more violent under the pretext that they were that way to begin with, but I guess we’ll see how it goes.


Seeds of Yesterday: Fourth Post (Unhappy People)

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It seems like the author is deliberately doing everything possible to ensure that the character are as fucked up and miserable as possible at all times. I’m pretty sure that Andrews subscribes to the fallacy that only unhappy people make an interesting story. The tactic has gotten old and exasperating. So many over-the-top awful things have happened to this family that I no longer care when new ones occur. It’s gotten boring, to be honest.


Jack of Fables 29: Thoughts

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What are Gary and Revise planning? Are the books all the original (unrevised) stories? Are they going to restore the Fables? That would be cool. For someone *from* a book (I mean, he’s even called “Jack of the Tales”), Jack doesn’t have much appreciation for books!


Invisible I: Fourth Post (Mysteries)

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So many questions! There seems to be as much mystery about everyone else as there is about Amanda, she’s simply facilitating the uncovering of those mysteries. Callie also seems to freak out a lot. We’ve gotten a little bit of a glimpse into Hal now, but still have almost nothing from Nia herself. I hope that changes soon.

Jack of Fables 28: Thoughts

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Was sending a giant up against Jack all that bright a thing to do? I mean, there are a bunch of stories about Jack defeating giants (he was known as “Jack the Giant Killer”, after all). So what’s going to happen? And neither Revise nor Bookburner seem like people we want around, much less in power, so now what?

Seeds of Yesterday: Third Post (Sex)

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And the web gets stickier. I don’t like Melody very much and I still don’t like Bart. There’s just so much that’s weird about this book. And, seriously, why is each successive book in the series more obsessed with sex than the one before? I mean, what the hell?


Jack of Fables 27: Thoughts

Posted in Comics at 2:15 am by Rosepixie

The Page sisters are really interesting. Who are they? And what is Golden Boughs? What is “Bookburner” trying to do and what does all of this have to do with Jack? The story is certainly interesting, though! It never, ever gets boring!

Invisible I: Third Post (Why?)

Posted in Fiction, Teen at 1:52 am by Rosepixie

Amanda seems to have touched a number of lives and to have had a plan from the beginning. But how did she get away with the things she did (I have theories on this one)? And why did she do them and disappear (No theories as yet here)? I’m interested to hear what has been going on with Hal and Nia since the car incident.

Jack of Fables 24: Thoughts

Posted in Comics at 12:58 am by Rosepixie

Jack has apparently always had a major disconnect from reality. It’s interesting how some fables are show to have changed so much over time (like Bigby), while others seem to never change at all, no matter what (like Jack and Prince Charming). I wonder why that is?

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