Garden of Shadows: Second Post (Olivia)

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Malcolm is totally insane and it’s really too bad that Olivia is stuck with him. It’s hard to have too much compassion for Olivia, know what she’s like when she gets older, but still… It seems odd that such a smart, level-headed woman would become that grandmother later. But then, this story is nothing if not weird and fucked up.

Y – The Last Man 59: Thoughts

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I think that I figured out why this bugs me so much. It’s a world of women who speak and think like men steeped in patriarchal sexism. The language is all wrong. It’s going for gritty, but women’s gritty has a different vocabulary from men’s. “Suck my dick” and calling women phallases and stuff just doesn’t make sense here and ends up sounding weird and fake. It doesn’t sound like a world of women, it sounds stupid. It’s what women do when they’re trying to be one of the guys, but there aren’t any guys left, so why would they do it?


The Goblin King: Fourth Post (War)

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Endings Found – 18
Escaped – 9
Died – 5
Saved Teacher – 3
Transformed – 7
Captured – 1

I finally got to meet the goblin king and got to participate in the fairy/goblin war. The fairies are pretty awful while the goblins come out of this looking pretty good. Lots of weird fairy magic, though!

Y – The Last Man 54: Thoughts

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This was weird. Kind of interesting, but very weird. I’m intrigued by the premise, but unsure of the handling of it. I think that I’m going to need to read more of it to get more of an impression of it. It seems odd that a comic book entirely about women has no women on the creative team.


Garden of Shadows: First Post (First Impressions)

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I swear one of the earlier books said that Malcolm married Olivia when she was very young (like, sixteen or something). Here they’re getting married when she’s an “old maid” of twenty-four. What? I do like that Olivia is a feminist and very smart, though. I wasn’t expecting that!


The Absolute Sandman: Special Edition: Thoughts

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Sandman is such an amazingly rich story. Gaiman gave it such complexity, so much depth, that it really feels like every little detail is significant. I really need to read to the end of the series sometime because it’s just so fascinating! I have to wonder how Gaiman decided to dress Dream basically as he, himself, dresses every day (or did his dressing this way come later?). It’s interesting, anyway!

Knights and Ladies: More Thoughts

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There’s some great stuff in this book. I’m very impressed with how many specific details are here. There is also one great illustration that I might use for my “I Want to Play Her” series on Pixiepalace. I hope the other books that I have from this series are as good!


Runaways 1: Thoughts

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This is such an awesome comic! And this issue does a great job of highlighting each character and their strengths and personality. I loved seeing Molly’s spirit and Gert and Old Lady are awesome! The grown-up superhero support-group is an interesting story element. This was great.


The Goblin King: Third Post (Bad Choices)

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Endings Found – 13
Escaped – 7
Died – 3
Saved Teacher – 3
Transformed – 4

Although there was only one death in this batch of endings, it felt pretty unsuccessful. My guess is that this is because my “bad” endings were all the result of me doing spectacularly stupid things. This book does a great job of describing the deceptive and vindictive behavior of faeries! I’m enjoying it, for the most part.

Druscilla’s Halloween: Thoughts

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This was a super fun Halloween picture book! I love the endpapers. The story is interesting and funny. The illustrations are fun and have a perfect fall palette. This is just such a well constructed story and so cutely presented. The spells are great. I really enjoyed it!

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