Final Crisis: Revelations 5: Thoughts

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This was really interesting, but a little confusing (I’m hoping that’s just because I didn’t read the first four issues). The dialogue between Helena and Renee was awesome, but I kept wondering about the plot. It was just too big and too weird. This was just too overblown. Why didn’t it have an affect on the DCU outside of this book if it was so significant? But they seem to be having that problem a lot lately.


Knights and Ladies: Thoughts

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This is full of interesting information. While a lot of it is about clothing and fashion, there’s a lot about other things too. True to the title, the book only really talks about nobility, but there is a surprising amount of information concerning the daily lives of medieval nobility! I’m impressed!

Masters of the Universe 1: Thoughts

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I really enjoyed reading this. I missed Masters of the Universe. Maybe I should start watching through the cartoons again. Anyway, I loved the Horde statues (although, there was one I couldn’t figure out and I wished at least one of the women had been there). The story was good, though, and I enjoyed reading it!

Absolute Power: More Thoughts

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The end of this was interesting. It continued to reinforce to me that Jeph Loeb doesn’t have much respect for or care much about the female characters. There was some interesting stuff here. I also had to wonder how the three future “heroes” who messed everything up came to exist in the first place, but that was never addressed. Anyway, not bad, but definitely not great.


Jack of Fables 32: Thoughts

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How is Prose Page dead? I thought that you couldn’t kill a literal, that they couldn’t permanently die? Jack being half literal is really creepy. I guess it explains how he’s survived so long, though. What’s going to happen to all of these fables? This issue certainly raised a lot of questions!


The Goblin King: Second Post (Transformations)

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Endings Found – 8
Escaped – 4
Died – 2
Saved Teacher – 2
Transformed – 2

This set of endings was pretty much full of miserable failures. I died once more (I was again eaten by the Kelpie) and escaped alone again (after accidentally turning my teacher and her attacker into silver coins). I was also transformed into a fish and a hobgoblin. Only once did I succeed in saving my teacher.

Final Crisis 7: Thoughts

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This was weird and overly complicated and confusing. There was occasionally cool moments, but usually I had little idea how they really fit into the story. This was definitely DC’s worst major “crisis”. Hopefully they learned from it, but I don’t hold out a lot of hope on that one.

Absolute Power: Thoughts

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This book is very strange. It further reinforces the impression that I had that Loeb doesn’t think much of the female members of the DC Universe. I’m still not wildly impressed with this comic. I want to like it, but I just can’t seem to! The idea and format are great, but the writing and art are totally failing to impress me. Sorry Loeb, but it just isn’t working.


Fables 81: Thoughts

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Boy Blue’s death was very sad. And it’s no wonder Rose Red fell apart like she did after his death. I wonder if Blue was right about there being some defining event in Rose Red’s past? Her life is certainly complicated now, but her fairy tale isn’t especially dramatic. Who is the evil guy in Fabletown? Should I recognize him? This is such a fascinating story!


Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons: Fourth Post (Final Thoughts)

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This was such an entertaining book! I love how the strip deals with complex ideas in such interesting ways. I really have to wonder how Calvinball continued to seem like a good idea after the first game, though! Susie is awesome and a surprisingly robust character for one who only appears occasionally. She’s easily one of my favorite parts of the series.

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