Green Lantern 41: Thoughts

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So the Guardians traded orange light for green? Why? And I’m guessing that Hal losing his arm and Larfleeze gaining a blue ring are probably both bad things. The Star Sapphires are seriously freaking me out. Kind of like the witch-fighter women in Warhammer Online freak me out. Someone with major issues is behind them.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Seventh Post (Likability)

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Pride and Prejudice and ZombiesI think that a big part of the problem for me is that I’m having a lot of trouble liking any of the characters in this book. Well, perhaps Jane and Mr. Bingley are likable, but we almost never see them. It just doesn’t feel like the adapting author, Mr. Grahame-Smith, likes the original book at all or has much respect for it. It’s just that he’s unnecessarily cruel to his characters and to anyone who might want to like them for no real discernible reason and it’s extremely frustrating.

Green Lantern 40: Thoughts

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The Orange Lanterns seem awfully similar to what the Black Lanterns are supposed to be, only maybe more instant and less discriminating. And Fatality still seems like a terrible candidate for a violet ring. I’m thinking that the rings don’t actually run on emotions at all, they just run if you know how to trigger them and it’s the people in charge of each corp who has put meaning to them and selects members based on that. That goes for the Green Lanterns too.


Vengeance: More Thoughts

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This was wacky. This comic uses Mxyzptlk and Batmite entirely too much. They are stupid and overpowered and tend to always be the same joke (“it’s a game!”). Anyway, the whole Marvel-crossover with fake Marvel characters thing was cute, but also felt kind of mean in a way since the Marvel characters were all very cookie-cutter, were said to be based on DC characters and weren’t “real” anyway.


Faerie Tale Theatre: “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” (1982): Thoughts

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This was a nice adaption of this fairy tale. I wasn’t thrilled that Snow White was dressed rather like a little girl, but the dwarfs weren’t bumbling and really seemed to care for her. I appreciated that we got to see the prince before the end and that Snow White was not magically awoken with a kiss, although I would have liked it if Snow White had gotten to see the prince before the end too. I enjoyed this, even if it did have some distinct oddities.

The Storyteller: Greek Myths: “Orpheus and Eurydice” (1991): Thoughts

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This was another beautifully told tale, but also another dark, depressing one. Orpheus was very good, as was Eurydice, but for some reason the storyteller annoyed me in this one. This storyteller simply isn’t as good as the fairy tale one. His cadences are wrong and I’m not sure the scripts that he has to work with are as good. It’s kind of disappointing.

The Storyteller: “Sapsorrow” (1987): Thoughts

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This was a marvelous version of Cinderella. The dresses for the three balls were fantastic and the animal friends were done extremely well. I found the beginning with the ring and the law very interesting. Poor Sapsorrow – everything fits her! That wouldn’t be such a problem if everything wasn’t attached to royal proclamations! But at least it worked out (even if the prince doesn’t seem terribly considerate). And I loved the “I must go wake them up or they’ll never be wed” ending!

Green Lantern 39: Thoughts

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This was a very interesting part of the story because it showed that the Guardians had absolutely known about the other colors long ago and chose to suppress, ignore or bargain with them while only fostering the green. Why? What made them decide that the green light was most worthy of being spread? It seems strange. The Guardians don’t seem like the most balanced group. Maybe they shouldn’t be in charge of policing anything, much less everything.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Sixth Post (Absurdity)

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Having Elizabeth’s carriage attacked by two hundred zombies on the road to London seems a bit… excessive. And it seems unnecessarily absurd that Charlotte is gray and sporting oozing open sores and no one has noticed. And no one wonders at her needing to be reminded to use silverware or unintelligible speech or other odd behaviors? It’s just stupid! I wonder if Mr. Darcy will notice?


Green Lantern 38: Thoughts

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Why is Hal so damn special that so many different colors want him? At least we know that he won’t be offered a violet ring since that corp seems to be strictly a girls only club. Why is that anyway? And why is the corp powered by love mostly offering rings only to women who are unhappy in love? Doesn’t that seem backwards? They’re women with unreciprocated love. Women who might be bitter or frustrated, but not likely brimming over with feelings of love. Love grows when it’s returned, not when it’s spurned or ignored.

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