Operation Yes: Fourth Post (Gari)

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Gari really does have issues. She just refuses to even try and cope with them, too. In some ways I can’t blame her, she’s in a really tough and unfair spot. At the same time, in some ways I wish she would at least make a little bit of an effort. I guess that I just feel like she’s behaving extremely selfishly and that’s more than a little unfair to everyone around her and to her mom. It’s believable, but annoying.

“Into the Woods” (1990): Thoughts

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This was awesome. The music is fantastic and they do such a great job with the staging here. The performances were all fantastic. I love the sets and costumes as well. There are just some absolutely fabulous costumes in this show. Several of the actors are amazing. I especially love the performances of the actors who played Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella’s Prince/the Wolf, and the Narrator/the Baker’s Father. I really enjoyed watching this a lot.


“Batman Returns” (1992): Thoughts

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I guess that I just wasn’t that impressed with this one. Batman didn’t seem all that cool or all that scary and Catwoman drove me crazy. The repeated “oh yeah, I’m not married”, like it was the tragedy of her life, was incredibly insulting, like she did this in large part for lack of a man in her life. And why a secretary? I swear Selina was always a socialite in the comics. I’m pretty sure she wasn’t ever a secretary. I think that Pamela Isley was a wronged secretary in the movie she appeared in too, and she’s supposed to be a brilliant scientist! (edit: She wasn’t a secretary, but she was a research assistant who was betrayed and attacked by her boss when she confronted him with his evil, much like what happened to Selina in this movie.) Why secretaries? It just feels boring and trite.

Oz 3: Thoughts

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This was a pretty good ending. I enjoyed it. It doesn’t quite match the state of control he has when he returns in the show, though. He can change when it’s not a full moon, but he has no or little control after he’s changed. That’s a big part of why he leaves again. Still, this was a decent ending, I guess.


Little Women: Sixth Post (Three Years Later)

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The second volume begins well, with Meg’s wedding, which sounds charming and fun. Amy’s artistic mishaps are pretty entertaining and it’s obvious that a lot of them came from Alcott’s real sister. The descriptions of Jo in her writing manias are interesting since in many ways they very closely resemble how Alcott herself wrote. I love the descriptions of Meg’s early married life. There’s a lot of truth to it, for early on you do plan for your house to be perfect and not to ever really quarrel and such until it becomes clear that a lot of that isn’t very realistic!

Oz 2: Thoughts

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I liked this issue about the same as the first one. The character issues are still there and the flashbacks are gone. The pacing kind of sucked, but the plot was actually much better. I’m still not terribly happy with this comic, but I’m glad that it’s finally focusing in on the plotlines that it seems to actually want to follow.

Operation Yes: Third Post (Uncertainty)

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It really sucks that these kids really can’t make plans for much of anything. They don’t really know how long they’re going to be in any given place. Even worse, being kids, they have no real options and little hope of really being remembered for long after they leave a place. They live in an underfunded and basically ignored little pocket of a very grown-up world. I’m sure it is exciting sometimes, but it’s also got to be frustrating!

Oz 1: Thoughts

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This is ok, but I kind of feel like they lost a lot of Oz’s charm. Despite the fact that Jinan commented that he doesn’t talk much, I feel like Oz has been talking an awful lot! Still, it’s nice to see his flashbacks and to see him using skills he learned during his time as a Scooby. I’m just not sure that I really recognize him as the same character from the show.


Little Women: Fifth Post (First Ending)

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And that’s the end of the first book. I had forgotten how suddenly Meg’s romance began and how much Jo hates it right up to the end of this book. It’s clear Laurie is imagining a future for himself and Jo, while she really isn’t thinking that far ahead. I have to wonder what is different in this edition than in the original story as it was first published. I know Alcott changed things, I just don’t know what.


Afterburn 4: Thoughts

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This ended much better than it started, but I wish there hadn’t been so many disparaging remarks about Kana. She didn’t look like a “little girl” to me and why shouldn’t she be as self-serving as everyone else in this story seems to be? It was just kind of frustrating. I’m glad that this miniseries is over.

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