The Pink Panther: “Cat and the Pinkstalk” (1969): Thoughts

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This was a pretty straight retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk, actually. The only big difference was that the cat didn’t steal anything. I wasn’t thrilled with the ending, which showed that the entire thing had only been a dream. What was the point of making it a dream? This cartoon has no consistency anyway, each short is completely different from the one before and the one after, so why make it a dream?

Faerie Tale Theatre: “The Emperor’s New Clothes” (1983): Thoughts

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This was a fun episode of this show and did a good job telling this story. It showed how the emperor was hurting his people with his frivolous obsession with clothing and how the con men came to sympathize with and help the people. It was well acted and full of great physical comedy and reaction shots. This wasn’t one of my favorite episodes, but it was well done.


Captain Salt in Oz: Third Post (Tandy)

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Tandy is actually pretty likable now that he’s no longer being stuffy and stuck-up. He’s actually pretty entertaining as an enthusiastic and curious kid with a flair for art. The crystal island of yodeling people was pretty funny and very Oz. I’m enjoying reading this one. I’m sure they’ll read Tandy’s kingdom before too long, but hopefully even that will be interesting. If nothing else, we have to find out who put him on that island, how and why.

Timeless Tales: “Thumbelina” (1990): Thoughts

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This was changed less than the previous two stories from this series (Rapunzel and Rumpelstiltskin), but still had some odd changes. The biggest was the beginning of the story. Thumbelina’s mother wasn’t her mother, she was just her friend, even though she grew Thumbelina from the magic Barley flower as usual. Why was this changed? There was no pregnancy involved, so it can’t be that. What could be objectionable about Thumbelina having a mother? [note: It has since occurred to me that perhaps the problem isn't that she was Thumbelina's mother, it's that she was a single mother.]

Timeless Tales: “Rumpelstiltskin” (1990)

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This was another interesting telling of a fairy tale. It had all the usual elements, except that the Miller’s Daughter wasn’t threatened with death if she failed to spin the straw into gold by morning, just embarrassment and her family’s (unspecified) ruin. Then she did not marry the king, she married his son, who was pissy about it until he saw how beautiful she was, which was more than a little insulting and disgusting. It’s bad to be married to the guy who’s been threating to kill you if you can’t do the impossible, it’s worse to be married to his son who wants nothing to do with you because you’re a commoner until he sees you’re pretty – because a woman is worthwhile if she’s pretty, even if she’s poor. Finally, when his name was guessed (in two days, not three, which was weird and random), Rumpelstiltskin simply vanished in a burst of sparkles and all of the gold on and in the palace turned to straw. The the Miller’s Daughter told her husband everything and he loved her all the more (because he might not have loved her for having done everything she could to not be unjustly punished for lies her father told and then again to keep her daughter?). It was… odd.

Timeless Tales: “Rapunzel” (1990): Thoughts

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This was an unusual telling of Rapunzel. In many ways it was very traditional, but it had a few interesting changes. Rapunzel’s mother wasn’t pregnant when she asked for the rampian (perhaps the writers or producers didn’t think children should know about pregnancy?). The prince was not blinded by the witch nor was he thrown out of the tower, he was turned into a bird. Rapunzel (who, of course, did not bear twins) still saved him and they lived happily ever after in the most sanitized world ever.


Green Lantern Corps 37: Thoughts

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Ok, so what exactly did the crazy Black Lantern Guardian just do to Oa? And why is no one bothered by how frighteningly similar the Alpha Lanterns are to the Manhunters? Seriously, that project was a giant failure, right? My understanding is that’s why they moved to using living beings with both reason and emotion as a police force for the universe after that. So why are they resurrecting the failed experiment with the Alpha Lanterns? It’s such a bad idea!

Enemies Among Us: First Post (First Impressions)

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Ok, so far this feels like an empty excuse to pull out old villains too stupid to be used regularly. Where is it going? Where’s the payoff for all these scenes with old, forgotten villains? Because so far, Alfred’s commentary on Bruce and his masks has been the best part. There needs to be a point and so far, I’m just not really seeing it!

Belle: Fifth Post (Final Thoughts)

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This ended well. I liked how Dokey reworked the trip home and back, removing the guilt-laden promise and somewhat confusing spontaneous dying. I also appreciate that while one of the sisters got to be paired off and married, the other did not have to be and neither was bitter or bratty. The single sister had an identity totally separate from romance and was awesome. This was a fun book and I’m very glad that I read it.


Green Lantern Corps 36: Thoughts

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What I like about Sinestro is that he always seems so reasonable, which is far scarier than villains where you can see the crazy coming before they open their mouths. I kind of think that Sodom’s death was cheap (if, in fact, he is dead). And I really hated the weird third-person narration of the Oan battle that felt like it must have been coming from someone, but wasn’t. Apparently I wasn’t that fond of this issue, although I liked the Sinestro stuff.

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