The Book of the City of Ladies: Seventh Post (Wives)

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Christine’s examples of loyal and loving wives seem surprising. So far she has focused on women who fought as warriors beside their husbands on the battlefield and women who killed themselves for love of their husbands. She even mentioned one woman who consumed her husband’s ashes after he died! I would have thought she’d have some examples of women who nursed their husbands through illness, injury or old age or women who helped their husbands in business or something like that. Maybe those examples come later.


Y the Last Man 42: Thoughts

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This was interesting. It game some of the monkey’s history. Since he’s the reason Yorick survived the plague, he’s a pretty key player and his background is pretty intriguing. Why were they experimenting on him and what was the experimenters’ connection to the plague? What was he injected with?


The Last Dragon: Second Post (Worst Villains Ever)

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Wait. The old man claimed that he wasn’t a healer any more maybe five pages ago, but all of a sudden he’s got herbs and is healing Orson with incredibly powerful magical healing powers? How does that work? This book is so strange! And these are the worst villains ever! The evil lord who has been dominating the countryside was defeated by half-starved birds while his wizard (who you can tell is really evil because he wears human teeth in his hair and a black cloak) was defeated by bread. That’s right – bread!


Top 10 and Teams 1: Thoughts

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I really enjoyed the first story in this comic, the one about the city of superpowered people created after World War II and how it’s changed over time. It was told as a first-person retrospective looking back at her life in the city and on the police force. I really enjoyed it. The second story was kind boring – just cheap jokes and almost no plot.


The Book of the City of Ladies: Sixth Post (Baby Girls)

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Christine is full of great arguments against nonsensical prejudices. I can totally appreciate her frustration with the rampant sexism around her. I find it really sad that so many of the sexist attitudes she’s arguing against are still very much a part of our culture. I am so glad that she talked about the ridiculousness of people being upset about having daughters instead of sons. That one drives me crazy and I’m glad she addresses it.


Faerie Tale Theatre: “Rip Van Winkle” (1983): Thoughts

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It seems odd that this story was told in this series rather than in the Tall Tales and Legends series. Still, it was well told. I enjoyed it. It had more conceptual set design than any other episode I’ve seen of this show, which seemed a bit odd, but it actually worked pretty well for this particular story. I liked the cute dog especially, it was a nice touch and gave a great performance.

The Pink Panther: “Pink-a-Rella” (1969)

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This was kind of a fun, silly reinterpretation of Cinderella with the Pink Panther (wielding a lost witch’s wand) cast as the fairy godmother. The various mishaps with the wand were funny, although the mice running away with the pumpkin before they could be transformed was probably my favorite. Cinderella herself was just a star-struck girl, but it was still cute when she ended up with her Elvis-like Las Vegas heartthrob just the same!

Simsala Grimm: “The Six Servants” (2005): Thoughts

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This is a fun story and it was marvelously told here. The two little characters who appear in every episode were actually extremely logically inserted into this tale. The unusual powers of the servants and the interesting ways they use those powers throughout the story were well portrayed. Their usefulness was paired well with their strangeness while still making them interesting and appealing. I enjoyed this one a lot.

Simsala Grimm: “Rapunzel” (2005): Thoughts

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This was an interesting retelling of the story of Rapunzel. It made it more of an adventure by focusing on saving Rapunzel from the sorceress and starting at the part of the story where the prince meets Rapunzel. It was interesting to see a far more magical witch than this story usually has and I liked that they gave the witch a motivation – she was trying to train Rapunzel as her apprentice! I’ll be interested to see more episodes from this show.

Oz 14: Thoughts

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This is an interesting Oz story. It has the Nome King actually managing to take over Oz and then many of Baum’s characters (I didn’t notice any later ones) battling him to take it back. I’m actually really impressed, this comic pulls more details from the Baum run of the series than stories like this usually do! And it’s actually an interesting political mess. I’d be very interested in reading more. I wish it was a little better written, though.

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