The Genie Scheme: First Post (First Impressions)

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Jenna is extremely polite, but a bit greedy. She clearly has no concept of how much she’s got. At least she seems to have some grasp of how asking the genie for things is effectively stealing them from someone else. Hopefully she’ll continue to understand that even more, rather than stop caring about it and wish for things anyway, but it’s still early in the book, so that’s unlikely.

City of Heroes 2: Thoughts

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This was a surprisingly good conclusion to the story arc started in the first issue. It gave some great backstory and exposition to one of the major villain groups in the game and further set up the protagonists and who they are. It gets a little wordy at times, but is generally well written and enjoyable to read!

The Pyramid of Souls: Fourth Post (Planning)

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Nick isn’t very bright. Why does he continue to make stupid and dangerous bargains with Rasputin instead of getting help or at least formulating some kind of a plan first? Seriously, what’s he going to do now? The fact that the elephant is the pyramid’s guardian might be really useful. She must have some way of protecting it or helping magickeepers to protect it, so maybe she can help them get it back somehow or something.

City of Heroes 1: Thoughts

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I think that my favorite part of this comic is that we get to see the heroes living their everyday lives. We get to see them at home, relaxing, talking to family and friends. They’re people and not just figures with powers and colorful costumes. The game isn’t always very good at giving a sense of heroes as people with lives, so this is a somewhat unexpected and refreshing element from the comic!

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: Fourth Post (Descriptions)

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Baum’s descriptions of the Emerald City and the Wizard’s various “forms” are magical indeed. It sounds like an amazing place unlike anywhere else. It’s no wonder that this fantasy world has grabbed the imaginations of so many people and continues to remain popular after so long! Even though I generally prefer John R. Neill’s Oz illustrations, there are so many wonderful, whimsical details in Denslow’s drawings that it’s hard not to love them!

The Amazing Spider-Man 544: Thoughts

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This comic is weird. It has no internal consistency. Last issue Peter was listing the criminal things he was doing (and justifying them the whole time) while this issue he’s worrying that he might do something criminal! It’s just almost stupid how inconsistent it is! And I’m pretty sure Aunt May would be point that out if she wasn’t in a refrigerator right now. This is pretty infuriating, actually.

Ash: Fifth Post (Final Thoughts)

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This was a great book. It managed to truly be a retelling of Cinderella, but to give agency to Cinderella herself, which is usually lacking. She chose her own ending and it was perfect. She managed to keep her word and fulfill her bargain to Sidhean, but also to find her way to her own true love in the end. It was surprisingly simple and extremely satisfying.


The Amazing Spider-Man 543: Thoughts

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I think most of the other stuff Peter’s done since May got shot was pretty criminal, too. The death threats and needlessly beating people to bloody pulps (one of them someone in prison) were not the actions of a righteous man. He’s been out for blood – seriously intending to commit murder – and he things hitting a cop is the first thing that puts him over the line? I’m not sure if that says more about Spider-Man or the people writing his series!

The Pyramid of Souls: Third Post (Targets)

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I’m glad that Isabella is getting to learn to defend herself, too. I’m also kind of glad that there’s a powerful Shadowkeeper after her as well, since it helps to show that Nick probably isn’t as unique as he thinks. I find Sita’s power very intriguing. You could learn so much if you got to know the history of any object you touched! It’s just such a marvelous power!

The Amazing Spider-Man 542: Thoughts

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I just can’t help feeling like Peter’s gone off the deep end and if he stopped to think about it he’d realize that May would be incredibly disappointed in him. This story just isn’t that interesting because it’s such a mess. Even Mary Jane isn’t pointing out what an idiot he’s being! It just doesn’t make any sense. Peter has always been about responsibility, but it feels like he threw his out the window.

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