Gulliver’s Travels: “Night Out” (1996)

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The way the current story of his difficult homecoming is interwoven with the story of his journey is fascinating. The pieces of his memories bleed into his current experiences seemlessly. They’ve done a bit more than was probably necessary to make the doctor who is trying to take Gulliver’s place evil. I mean, I get it already – does he really have to be that awful? It makes Mary seem dumb for trusting him!

“Thumbelina” (1994): More Thoughts

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I find it interesting how Thumbelina seems to almost float through the sea of men fighting over her in this movie giving no indication that she even notices it. She’s very focused on herself and what she feels and wants, but it doesn’t feel like her being selfish – it feels like her figuring out who she is and what she wants. And that’s important. She knows she loves Cornelius at the beginning, but seems very tentative when the question of marriage comes up. At the end of the story, she is sure of her answer and what she wants and her answer is confident.

Gargoyles: “Avalon” (1995): Thoughts

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This story mixes pieces of Arthurian lore with various elements of Shakespeare. There are references to Oberon and his faeries while the three witches from Macbeth actually play a major role in the story. We also get to learn that not only is King Arthur real, but he really is sleeping until the day he is needed again. Elisa even gets to wake him up! It’s a fun use of the Arthurian legend and Arthur turns out to be pretty cool.


Sisters Red: Seventh Post (Minutes)

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It all came down to a few minutes. I still have an epilogue to read to see how this all ends up, but I enjoyed it. It was an intriguing reworking of Little Red Riding Hood and had so many fascinating themes. I’m glad that I read it! Now I kind of want to re-read it with an eye to some of the particular themes – like how each girl is an incarnation of Red at a slightly different part of the story and the details the flesh that out.


Sisters Red: Sixth Post (Fate)

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Interesting. The author’s conclusion seems to be that neither version of Red Riding Hood can escape her dark fate. There is no happy ending – she must be devoured and then escape her devourer. She must become scarred, but also a warrior in her own right. That is perhaps the mot interesting thing of all – while Red is rescued by the Woodsman in the fairy tale, both incarnations of her here rescue themselves before the Woodsman can reach them. Even more, the woodsman is (in a way) the wolf. Is this an “all men are wolves” message or is it more subtle, since the book certainly doesn’t feel anti-men, even if it does have great heroines standing strong alone against a distinctly male threat.

Sisters Red: Fifth Post (Food and Sex)

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People who psychoanalyze fairy tales always claim that Little Red Riding Hood is all about sex. Likewise, it has been proposed that eating and food in children’s books is a stand-in for the sensuality of lust and sex in adult’s books. This novel takes that pairing – sex and food/eating and really plays with it. The prey can’t cook, but loves and finds comfort in food while the predators lust after their food but never seem sated. It’s very interesting.

Sisters Red: Fourth Post (Two Versions)

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It’s interesting how Pearce has formed two distinct characters out of the single fairy tale character. Scarlett is Red after the story as it was – Red having been eaten by the wolf and come out of it alive, but without the innocence she had at the beginning of the story. Scarlett is the Red who keeps hunting. Rosie is the “what-if” (which Pearce hints at in the girls’ musings). She’s Red having met the wolf, but never having actually been eaten. Her eyes were opened, but she never had to experience the violent end of the fairy tale, so she is free to become a normal, unscarred woman. They are two halves of the same heart. They are two visions of Red Riding Hood and each says something interesting about the tale.


Ultimate Spider-Man 98: Thoughts

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Huh? How is Gwen back? And what’s with the weird clone(s)? I’m so confused and, honestly, I’m not sure why I should really care. Peter runs around like a chicken with his head cut off so much that it’s hard to care much about specific happenings! Oh well.

Sisters Red: Third Post (Romance)

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Finally. Silas and Rosie have been dancing around each other for two-hundred pages! I mean, their romance hasn’t exactly been amazing, but it is really satisfying to finally have the release of a kiss. I do have to wonder how Scarlett is going to react once she figures it out, though. She’s crazy driven and I just wonder how she’s going to accept such a change.


The Marvelous Land of Oz: Fifth Post (Glinda)

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Glinda is marvelous. She’s clever and resourceful. She has the most effective standing army in all of Oz and uses the tools at her disposal well. She also keeps her word, even when she doesn’t have or want to. She is an incredibly admirable character. You just get the sense that she’s every bit as smart as she is powerful – that maybe she’s powerful because she’s smart – and that she knows what’s going on, but picks carefully when to interfere in anything. She’s Oz’s Oracle (as in Barbara Gordon Oracle, not Delphi Oracle).