“The Red Shoes” (1948): Thoughts

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This was an interesting, although overly long, movie. It didn’t really need most of the ballet in the middle (a more abbreviated version would have been just fine). It’s also difficult to really call it a romance when we only learn of the romance so late in the movie (and relationship). The story was pretty good and dovetailed nicely with the theme of the shoes forcing her to dance (clearly the religious element from the story was mostly lost). Still, it seems a bit harsh that death by train was her only option at the end.


Ultimate Spider-Man 120: Thoughts

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Wow, Liz does not look like either of her parents. I’m glad that Peter revealed himself to her. I think that it helped. I do have to wonder what she’ll do now, though. I mean, going to Xavier’s school is lovely, but it’s not the only thing in the world. I just feel like Liz is going to need more than just that.

The Crow: Fifth Post (Backstory)

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This book is strange. At least I finally got the backstory and know what’s behind Eric’s crazy vengeance quest. I still have to question whether what he’s doing is really the best thing, but since he doesn’t seem to be questioning and no one seems able to stop him, I suppose that it doesn’t matter much. I feel bad for the little girl and the cat.

“Rikki Tikki Tavi” (1975): Thoughts

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This is a fun animated version of this story. It’s a little weird how cute everything is when the story, which isn’t sugar-coated from the death and fighting, is actually kind of violent and dark in its way. I’m impressed by how much personality the film manages to give each character, even though most have relatively little screen time.

“Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” (1953): Thoughts

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Despite some horrible messages (“a man having money is like a girl being pretty”), I really enjoy this movie. I actually think that it’s because Dorothy is awesome. She’s fun, but also down to earth and sort of relatable. She’s far more appealing than Lorelai. Even her imitation of Lorelai is awesome. There’s also a lot of great music in this movie!