Breathless: Second Post (Realism)

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This is a really disturbing book. I’m having a very hard time reading it. Too much of it is just too real, too vivid. It’s not like I can relate to the big, dramatic scenes or anything, but the quiet stress and fear is all too familiar (especially lately). I’m really not a fan of Katie’s boyfriend, Drew, at all. He’s selfish and arrogant and thoughtless. He doesn’t think about anyone else’s point of view. It doesn’t even seem like it’s occurred to him that they have them, that they are as real as he is. That kind of attitude frustrates me to no end. And as bad as it is when it’s just cluelessness, it’s much worse when paired with arrogant certainty like his!

“Ponyo” (2008): Thoughts

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This was an intriguing retelling of The Little Mermaid. Instead of a sea witch who is exacting a cruel bargain, this story had nature out of balance and a father afraid to give up his little girl. The two children at the center of the story were marvelously well drawn child characters. They had the optimism and energy of real five-year-olds. The adults and elderly women were all wonderfully well done as well. I really enjoyed this movie.

Princess of the Midnight Ball: First Post (First Impressions)

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Why the princesses started dancing the way they do in the first place is always where novelizations of this story have to get creative. The original story sort of starts in the middle with no real explanation, so it’s kind of a big hole that always needs filling. Why does it so often go back somehow to being the girls’ mother’s fault? It will be interesting to see how this plays out, though.

The Secret History of Tom Trueheart: Tenth Post (Final Thoughts)

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Poor Jack was the only one of the six older brothers who didn’t find love in all of this. It really doesn’t seem fair that Tom’s story wasn’t told. His adventure was a story bureau assignment, too. Hopefully his next adventure will fare better. I’m not thrilled that Beck decided to tell Ormestone’s ending anyway. His ending being unseen and untold was much more fitting.

The Secret History of Tom Trueheart: Ninth Post (Ending)

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And now the brothers are getting to finish their stories. Sadly, we have no real information about Tom’s father. I was extremely pleased with Ormestone’s ending. Him falling where no one would see him or be able to tell the tale was perfect. I was just very impressed with how fitting an ending for him that was! This is an extremely well thought-out book.

The Secret History of Tom Trueheart: Eighth Post (Tom’s Father)

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Where is Tom’s father anyway? What happened to him? And where does Ormestone intend to go? What’s his big plan now that the Trueheart boys have all escaped? Maybe he’s heading to one of the other story lands or out to the real world (where the books telling the stories are sold). Maybe Tom’s father is in the real world somewhere. Why, though? Why would he abandon his family and go there? I was thinking maybe he was the Master, but it seems unlikely.


The Secret History of Tom Trueheart: Seventh Post (In the Clouds)

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So Tom reached the Giant’s castle in the clouds and finally met Ormestone. The problem is that he still needs to find his brothers and return them safely to their stories. And what happened to Jollity? Where is there to get lost in the land above the clouds? Why is Ormestone using the cloud world anyway?

The Secret History of Tom Trueheart: Sixth Post (Overlapping Stories)

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Why did Ormestone mix Jack and Jacquot’s stories? None of the other stories overlapped like that. In fact, the other stories were all spread out! Or maybe they weren’t… Maybe the Trueheart’s aren’t the only adventurers and Ormestone is destroying other stories, other adventurers besides just the Truehearts – hence the messed up Three Bears story!


“Robin Hood: Men in Tights” (1993): Thoughts

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This is such an odd retelling of the “Robin Hood” story. It’s making fun of the movie “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves” more than it is retelling the actual legend. It was interesting, though. They talked about taxes and referenced stealing from the rich to feed the poor but we don’t see any evidence of any of it. It focuses heavily on the high points of the story and strange gag moments specially made for this telling.

The Secret History of Tom Trueheart: Fifth Post (More Stories)

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Now we also have Snow White and The Frog Prince. I am amused at the story characters’ reactions to the missing adventurers. The Bear’s story especially entertained me. I keep wondering if we’ll get to that one or if it’s sort of separate (it, again, has a girl hero). I am enjoying this book so much, though! The writing is marvelous.

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