Capt. Hook: Sixth Post (Final Thoughts)

Posted in Childrens, Fiction at 9:00 pm by Rosepixie

So they’re setting out for the imagined island. The problem right now (as I see it) is that there isn’t any bridge from this book to Peter Pan. This is far from the cold, ruthless villain of Barrie’s fantasy. This boy could become his Captain Hook, but he has an awfully long way to go! And so many things are left unresolved. What happened to Ananova (because she doesn’t seem to be on the Neverland we know and love)? What’s going to happen to Jolly (because, again, there’s no evidence of him on our familiar Neverland)? Who is James’s mother and why is she such a secret? There are just too many loose ends. Not that it wasn’t a good story, because it was, it simply doesn’t tie to Peter Pan well and it needs more of an ending.