Grimm Fairy Tales: First Post (First Impressions)

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These are odd retellings of these fairy tales. Like many “adult” retellings, they’re dark more or less for the sake of being dark. The retelling of Red Riding Hood was better than the Cinderella telling, although it still kind of feels like they’re going for body counts rather than good stories. I almost wondered why they bothered to include Grandma at all in Red Riding Hood (although I suppose that it is one more body for the pile). I’d also point out that the Grimms’ version of Cinderella did not have a fairy godmother, it had a magic tree and talking birds. The fairy godmother came most famously from Perrault’s version of the story.

A Light in the Attic: Fourth Post (Final Thoughts)

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The poems included at the end of this book that were not previously included were cute, but not great by any means. I’m not actually that surprised that they weren’t previously included. And it’s not that there’s anything wrong with them, I can simply see why Silverstein might have chosen the ones he did over these ones. Still, this was a fun read and it was amusing to read some “new” poems.


The Tin Woodman of Oz: Fourth Post (Couples)

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I’m glad that Ozma could return everyone to their proper shapes, although it seems very strange and arbitrary that suddenly there has to be a green monkey in Oz even though there never was one before. I was pleased that the Scarecrow wanted to return to his proper shape partially for Scraps! I’m also glad that both the Scarecrow and Polychrome spoke up for Nimee Amee’s right to choose her own husband (especially since neither loves her anymore!).

A Light in the Attic: Third Post (Kids)

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There are so many fun poems in this collection. Silverstein seems to have been especially good at looking at things from a kid’s perspective. He’s got poems about kid rights and what kids might want or need (a homework machine, a really good excuse for being late to school, replacement parents who let you get away with whatever you want, etc.) as well as poems about popular kid topics (pirates, monsters, etc.). It’s an eclectic selection, though, and I’m quite enjoying it.


“The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” (2010): Thoughts

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I enjoyed this movie a great deal. Eustice was great – very much like I pictured him. He even came around nicely. Lucy was perfect. Active, yet always a girl. I wanted to cheer when she grabbed Susan’s bow and started shooting! Reepacheep was great and the ship captain was wonderful. I was pleased to see Caspian again as well. I hope that they do continue making these movies because I really do think that they’ve done an excellent job with them.

The Tin Woodman of Oz: Third Post (Transformations)

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It’s interesting that Polychrome’s magic can transform Tommy Kwikstep but not herself or her companions. She seems to have more magic now than in previous books, but perhaps it simply never came up before. I do have to wonder how the Scarecrow expects Jinjur to help them, since she has no magic or anything, but I suppose that at least she’s a familiar friendly face. I wonder what happened to her husband?

A Light in the Attic: Second Post (Dark)

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There are some fun poems in this book. I really like that he doesn’t stick to only one style, but plays with different ones throughout the book. There are some surprisingly dark poems in here given that this is one of the major go-to poetry titles for parents, even parents who don’t want their kids reading anything dark. It’s as if the cute art and more famous light-hearted poems in the collection allow them to totally miss the cruel, depressing or sad ones!


The Time Traveler’s Wife: First Post (First Impressions)

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What really makes this book work is how incredibly human both Henry and Clare are. They both have very human wants and needs, very human frustrations and failings, very human ambitions and virtues. I really enjoy relating to them because they feel very genuine. I love how hard they have to work just to live and yet how much joy they find in each other! I guess it makes sense for me to like this book a lot, there is so much in both characters for me to relate to (especially right now in my life).

The Salamander Spell: Fourth Post (Final Thoughts)

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Well, this book gets to end sweetly and romantically, but it’s bittersweet when you know what happens to Haywood and Grassina. The way they dealt with the werewolves and the manticore was interesting and generally clever. I appreciated that they worked well together to achieve their goals. I enjoyed this story. It wasn’t the best in the series by any means, but it was highly enjoyable!


The Tin Woodman of Oz: Second Post (Advice)

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The Tin Woodman, the Scarecrow and Woot seem to be a good set of travelling companions, although it’s too bad that Nick and the Scarecrow don’t listen to Woot more often! He’s practical and has a good head on his shoulders. They might have avoided all of the trouble that they’ve gotten into so far if they had listened to Woot’s advice. Of course, they wouldn’t have found Polychrome then, so I suppose this particular dangerous side adventure is important.

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