The Wednesday Wars: More Thoughts

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I really enjoyed this book a lot. Holling’s observations about the plays he reads with Mrs. Baker were both completely appropriate and entertaining. They were often astute as well, showing that he actually did read the plays. He was a great narrator. This book often reminded me of the Young Shakespeare Players. It was so well set in the time of the Vietnam War as well. The social climate, politics, everything felt just right. I would absolutely read more of Schmidt’s books!

Summer Knight: Sixth Post (The Pieces)

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I’m not exactly sure how Harry put all of those pieces together. Some of them made sense and I can see how he worked it out, but not all of it. And it seems odd. It feels like Aurora is handing power to Winter. Why would she want to do that? It seems like and odd move for her. I’m interested to see how this plays out, though.

Summer Knight: Fifth Post (Friends)

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Harry has some very good friends – the Alphas, Michael (who I’m missing in this book), and, most especially, Murphy. I’m not sure that he truly appreciates the friends and allies that he has. He’s got friends on the White Council, among the faeries, in all sorts of useful places. I wonder what it’s going to take for Harry to truly realize that he can’t, and doesn’t have to, do everything alone?


The Real Wizard of Oz: Fifth Post (Audience)

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Baum’s troubles with money do seem to have driven a lot of his decisions about what to write and what not to write. I found the statement that he respected his child audience more than his adult audience intriguing. Is that what the problem was? I have to wonder if maybe he respected them fine, it’s just that he was making things that he liked (and he was an adult) and things that had worked before and it simply didn’t work. Maybe he simply didn’t understand them since they were very different from him.


The Wednesday Wars: Thoughts

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I’m really enjoying this book so far. I like his teacher, Mrs. Baker, a lot, although sometimes I find her slightly frustrating. The frustration is completely overshadowed by my frustration with his parents, though. They are unbelievably negligent. They completely ignore him! They didn’t go to watch when he was in the Shakespeare play, they didn’t even go to the hospital when he was hit by a school bus! I mean, come on! He saved his sister and got hit by a bus and they didn’t bother to go to the hospital to see if he was alright. I like him, though. He’s awesome.


The Real Wizard of Oz: Fourth Post (The Wizard)

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The idea that the wizard represents Baum’s conflicted feelings about being an author is an intriguing one. He may very well have felt underqualified to be an author and, at least in some subconscious way, intimidated by the education possessed by his wife and her family. Maybe he did feel like something of a “humbug”. Extending it, however, he was given the opportunity to continue writing and to get better at it, to the point where he was what he was famous for – just as the wizard was given the opportunity to return to Oz and learn real magic, earning for real his title and fame as a wizard.


Summer Knight: Fourth Post (Courts)

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The various offers the fairies make are interesting, as are the different flavors of the Winter Lady and Summer Lady’s courts. I again have the impression that Harry is in way over his head, but at least he managed his visit to the Summer Lady’s court without offending too many people there. It still wasn’t exactly smooth, but at least he didn’t outright offend anybody.


Summer Knight: Third Post (Kids)

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Who are the four “kids” from the photograph? What do they have to do with all of this? I have my suspicions that maybe they’re fairies, but who? What fairies are they? Could the missing girl be the Summer Lady, perhaps? Harry certainly is good at getting himself into trouble. He needs to work on that some more.


Summer Knight: Second Post (Dates)

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The White Council meeting was interesting. I’m glad that Harry didn’t get kicked out of the council or sent off to the vampires, although I do wonder what the human murder investigation has to do with any of what’s going on. And it being three days before Midsummer does not bode well. I’m guessing that date will matter a great deal to Harry’s investigation. I’m also going to go out on a limb a little bit and guess that Elaine is the Summer Queen, Titania’s emissary.


Summer Knight: First Post (First Impressions)

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Um… It’s probably a bad thing that Harry’s “contract” has been transferred to Queen Mab. How does something like that happen anyway? Why would it happen? Any why wouldn’t all parts of the contract, including any provisions added later, be transferred as well? It seems very odd. This should be an intriguing story, though.

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