“Caesar and Cleopatra” (1945): Thoughts

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This is an interesting movie. Cleopatra is adorned and framed as an elegant lady from the very beginning, but she isn’t an elegant lady, she’s a pouting child! There is no real hint of the romance (or even lust) between Caesar and Cleopatra, though one of the waiting ladies suggests it at some point. It’s an odd and interesting movie. While I think Leigh’s performance was outstanding, I was a little bothered by the gender issues throughout the movie.

In Search of Shakespeare: “A Time of Revolution” (2003): Thoughts

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This was interesting. It gave lots of useful information about Shakespeare’s childhood and the time and place in which he grew up, however it was also a little bit too prone to conspiracy theories for my taste. Not that I don’t think that it’s possible that he was correct about some of the things he discussed, I simply think that he’s being a bit quick to jump at explanations with little evidence in some cases.

“Valmont” (1989): Thoughts

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I really like this movie version of this story much better than the more famous version. Fairuza Balk simply seems more convincing as the wide-eyed and innocent young bride-to-be than Uma Thurman does. The story is full for rather horrible people doing horrible things, but in this adaptation it’s easier to see the pain behind some of the horrible things they do and the real ramifications of their actions.


The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: “A Scandal in Bohemia” (1984): Thoughts

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This was a very well done Irene Adler episode of Sherlock Holmes. They handled her character wonderfully well. She was brilliant without being flashy or silly and genuinely seemed like a reasonable challenge for Holmes. I also appreciated the way they conveyed how she changed how Holmes thought about women in general. I was very amused and entertained and look forward to watching more of this series!

“Hansel and Gretel” (1987): Thoughts

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This was a fairly straight telling of Hansel and Gretel. The music was a little random, but certainly not as intrusive as it could have been. The witch was marvelous. She really did a great job. I was intrigued by the changes they made to the children’s mother. She was extremely frustrated and almost depressed, but she never actually tried to get rid of the children and when they went missing, she was the first to worry. It actually worked pretty well. I was generally impressed with the movie, although sadly it wasn’t terribly memorable (except for perhaps that witch).


The Kingfisher Treasury of Jewish Stories: First Post (First Impressions)

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I’m enjoying this book a great deal so far. The story about the rabbi and the soldier has probably been my favorite so far. The story about the little girl visiting her grandmother and having dinner with a neighbor she doesn’t like was also particularly good. I look forward to reading more of these stories. This is certainly an interesting collection. The story about the family that escaped Germany just before Hitler was elected was interesting, but not my favorite so far. I did love the puzzle story, though!

Super Why!: “Rumpelstiltskin” (2008): Thoughts

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This was the strangest version of Rumpelstiltskin that I have ever heard. Rumpelstiltskin is not a dubiously helpful little goblin/demon/guy, he’s a servant who does whatever the princess asks. In this version, the princess demands that Rumpelstiltskin spin straw into gold for a golden tea party. She’s kind of a spoiled brat, as the story we’re told goes. The Super Readers get her to learn to spin straw into gold herself, which helps make her less obnoxious. It’s an odd version of the story. I don’t think that I liked it very much. It was a less satisfying tale than the original.

“Alice in Wonderland” (2010): Thoughts

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Probably my favorite thing about this movie was that it managed to reconcile the “it was all a dream” ending of the Alice story with making the events something that really happened. The plot worked pretty well, but sadly lacked some of the disconnected nonsense of Carroll’s original story. I liked seeing Alice as a strong heroine both in Wonderland and in Victorian London, however I missed that sense of nonsensical play that carries through the books. Still, it was definitely memorable!

Super Why!: “Pinocchio” (2008): Thoughts

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This wasn’t really the story of Pinocchio, but they did keep the lying and nose growing parts of the story. The episode worked okay, but the story didn’t make a lot of sense, either before or after the Super Readers changed it. While the story they told was well matched to the problem, I guess that I simply think that the actual story would have worked just as well, so the change was unnecessary and odd.

“The Canterbury Tales” (1972): Thoughts

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That was certainly The Canterbury Tales. It was filled with sex and crude jokes and everything else the Tales are filled with. I don’t know when I last heard so many fart jokes all at once! It suffered from dragging a bit and from the acting sound a bit rote at times, but otherwise it wasn’t a bad visualization of selected tales from Chaucer. That said, I don’t think that I would recommend it.

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