“Anna Karenina” (2000): Thoughts

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This was a good telling of this massive book. The non-Anna-centric plots were not minimized or cut at all, as they often are in movie versions of this book. Anna was properly neurotic and Karenin was nicely stiff and stoic. I would have appreciated a more memorable Kitty, but she was considerably better than some versions that I’ve seen. Overall, I enjoyed it.


“Romeo Must Die” (2000): Thoughts

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This was a strange modern retelling of Romeo and Juliet. It framed the story as a gang war between two families, one black and one Chinese. While I liked that the rivalry was more important than the love story, it felt like the whole thing got lost with the focus on the internal power struggles within each family. And it felt like a string of fight scenes held together with only the barest of plots by the end, which is pretty boring.


Autobiography of Mark Twain: Fifth Post (Imagination)

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Clement has marvelous stories about his childhood and his family history. It’s hard not to feel that a pretty good portion of it is probably made up (even if he may not always realize he’s doing it). His prose is certainly enjoyable to read no matter how true any of it is, though. He’s got a tone and voice that makes me want to read everything aloud, and he writes as though mimicking speech, so doing so is easy and fun!

“Jason and the Argonauts” (2000)

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This was a lavish miniseries production of this story and I was absolutely thrilled that Atalanta was included, since she seems to always be forgotten and that drives me absolutely crazy. The thing that bothered me was that other than that, women kind of got screwed in this movie. The story was framed as sort of a cosmic chess game between Zeus and Hera, yet Zeus manipulated the whole thing, tried to seduce Medea, and then Hera ended up back in his cheating arms again at the end. Medea was saved by Jason and a big deal was made about them having eternal true love, never mind what happens later, and poor Atalanta saved everybody, yet pined for someone who never returned her love the whole time.

Just as Long as We’re Together: Fifth Post (Rachel’s Reactions)

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Rachel does not react well to the unexpected (although she really should have expected the news about her parents since it was pretty obvious). She’s also silly for not allowing her friends to help her through it. I understand why she is so angry with her father, especially since her mother really has done a dreadful job of explaining the situation so that it doesn’t sound like it’s all his fault.


Autobiography of Mark Twain: Fourth Post (Snippets)

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It’s interesting to read these snippets. Some read like they were intended to be articles for magazines, others seem like drafts or partial pieces of something larger and some feel like personal musings (like diary entries would be). All of them are interesting in some way or another and all of them do genuinely help to paint a portrait of what sort of man Mark Twain was. He certainly had an opinion about everything!


Glinda of Oz: Fifth Post (Final Thoughts)

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Glinda and the adepts and the Wizard may have performed the magic that solved the problem, but in true Baum fashion the others were crucial to finding the answer that allowed them to do so. Everything is a group effort. Baum creates very powerful characters, but none of them are ever able to completely save the day alone (and they never seem to want to do so alone). I think that it’s one of the most interesting elements of Baum’s American fantasy world.

It’s commonly accepted that American heroes are independent, strong, able to survive on their own and to ‘pull themselves up by their bootstraps’, yet Baum’s Oz, often heralded as the first truly American fairy tale, has no solo heroes. In Oz, heroes work together, collaborating to solve their problems and maintain their happily ever after.


“Happily N’Ever After 2: Snow White Another Bite @ the Apple” (2009): Thoughts

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This was a very silly, very odd, partially modernized version of the story of Snow White. The apple doesn’t kill Snow White (or put her to sleep), it ruined her reputation (which seemed a little sketchy to begin with). The dwarfs taught her to be generous and help others like her mother and that helped her stop her father from marrying the witch. It was cute, but also odd. Probably not a movie that I would recommend.

Autobiography of Mark Twain: Third Post (Cab Drivers)

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Twain’s tales of his adventures on the lecture circuit and the people that he knew there are very funny. I loved his descriptions of his introductions for himself before giving a lecture. Even funnier was his extended description of London and its cab drivers. He gives great descriptions of public transportation as well. He sounds like someone that it might have been fun to get lost (briefly) with.


“Richard III” (1995): Thoughts

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Annette Bening and Maggie Smith were fantastic in this version. This movie (like the version of Macbeth that I watched yesterday) was set sometime in the early twentieth century (probably around the 1930s). Richard was good, but sadly Anne was rather forgettable. I did like the kids, though (both the boys and the daughter who is plot-important but gets no lines).

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