Just as Long as We’re Together: Seventh Post (Needing to Talk)

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Steph really needs to talk to somebody about what’s going on. The paper was a good start, but I don’t think that it was enough. Her parents really need to clue in, though, because they are not giving their children enough credit or enough information. They’ve completely failed to realize that what’s happening between them affects their children’s lives just as much as it affects their lives. That’s completely shortsighted and terrible parenting.


Autobiography of Mark Twain: Twelfth Post (White House Visit)

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The story about Twain’s visit to the White House when he got Mrs. Cleveland to sign a card for his wife verifying that he followed her instructions was funny. It may be one of the funniest stories I’ve read in this book so far! I also love how he and his wife had a code so that she could correct his mistakes during social engagements. I wonder how they came up with such a system?


The Little, Brown Handbook: Second Post (Verbs)

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Verbs are why English is such a complicated language. Over 200 verbs are irregular and there isn’t really any way to make learning them any easier – each simply needs to be learned individually.

This book does a good job giving examples and practice passages. I wonder where those sentences and paragraphs come from, though. Do they find them somewhere or is there someone who wrote a whole bunch of random passage for them? It would be interesting to see how this book was written.


Autobiography of Mark Twain: Eleventh Post (Wife)

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Twain speaks very lovingly of his wife and how she raised his children. He talks about how she allowed Suzy to decide for herself if a crisis was large or trivial and he describes how she managed a small baby in a house of mourning. And despite it all, he seems ever in awe because she was always in pain and had difficulty moving much for long (a left-over from a childhood illness or perhaps a chronic condition not fully understood at the time). She sounds like she was a wonderful woman. I wish that I knew more about her.


Cricket 38/6: Thoughts

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This was a good issue of Cricket. I loved “Esther and the King”, a Polish Purim story. There was an installment of “The Princess and the Golden Fish”, which is a fascinating story so far and I look forward to hearing the rest of it. I found “The Workhorse” very interesting. I had no idea any horse could jump so high! I also really liked the poem “Trivial Pursuit” about Roman roads. Cricket continues to be a marvelous magazine!


Into the Gauntlet: Thoughts

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This was a fascinating book. It was great to finally see kids from the different branches (and a few of the adults as well) come together. It will be especially interesting to see how that works out as things move forward. I’ll be very interested to learn more about the Vespers!


Autobiography of Mark Twain: Tenth Post (Suzy’s Biography)

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Suzy’s biography of her father is wonderful and it’s clear that Clemens treasures it. At first I was annoyed that he’s only giving us little pieces of the biography at a time but now I think that it’s actually working well. I’m enjoying hearing what memories of his her comments trigger! The more that the character and personalities of his wife and daughters come out through his descriptions of them and anecdotes, the more I like them and wish that I knew more about them. I’m particularly curious about his wife. She seems so interesting and what must it have been like to be married to Mark Twain?


Superman Shorts (1941): Thoughts

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These were fascinating shorts. Many of them focused on World War II themes – saving a government operative who has been spying on NAZIs so that she can get her into safely to Washington, Japanese spies trying to steal U. S. bomber technology, even a short about Superman systematically sabotaging Japanese military efforts! There were also mad scientists and killer robots, though. A dinosaur even factored into one episode! I liked Lois even though she got kidnapped quite a few times. She was a tough, smart, quick-tongued reporter and definitely wasn’t a willing damsel in distress.


“Henry V” (1989): Thoughts

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Wow, this version really played up the “by the glory of God” angle. The extended scene after Henry’s speech about their victory being due to God fighting on their side really highlighted that theme. It was a wordless scene with Harry and his soldiers wandering around through the battlefield covered in bodies while a choir sings a Latin song about the glory of God. The movie even ended with a very solemn moment about God joining England and France through the holy union of Harry and Katharine. I guess that I simply wasn’t expecting the heavy religious angle.

“Thumbelina” (1993): Thoughts

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This movie stuck surprisingly close to the original story given that it began with Thumbelina as a young woman living in a community of tiny people. She spent the movie trying to carry out a mission that she was constantly derailed from by being kidnapped for various purposes. I was pleased that she actually had a mission and that the prince married her for her bravery and heroic acts, not because she was beautiful. In fact, beauty really didn’t factor in heavily to most of the situations she ended up in. It was a refreshing change to the story!

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