Just as Long as We’re Together: Ninth Post (Final Thoughts)

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This ended nicely, with everyone making up, but the girls didn’t exactly deal with their issues either. I can’t help feeling like some of the problems, like Rachel thinking that the other two are immature, will continue to be problems. I also felt like there wasn’t really any resolution for Steph’s family plotline. Her parents didn’t really deal with how badly they handled their separation as it relates to their kids and that was frustrating.

The Little, Brown Handbook: Fourth Post (Sentence Structure)

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There are great guides to creating and improving sentences here. The book discusses repetition, emphasis and flow in a clear, concise way. As before, I found the examples to be some of the most interesting parts of the book. They discuss topics from history, relatively current affairs, sociology, education and many other topics. I would love to know how and why the subjects were chosen!


Grimm: “Bears will be Bears” (2011): Thoughts

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In this episode the show plays with the story The Three Bears. Goldilocks (I believe her name was Gilda or something and she completely looked the part) and her boyfriend broke into a fancy house that apparently belonged to three shapechanging bears (there are a lot of shapechangers in this show). Overall, this was a far more interesting reimagining of a fairy tale than the first episode was.

Grimm: “Pilot” (2011): Thoughts

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This episode’s tale was Little Red Riding Hood. It set up the wolf as a shapechanging murderer/kidnapper who lived a mild-mannered life in the woods and attacked girls who traveled the forest paths. It was a reasonable update of the bare bones of the story, but the sense of stalking and deception was gone. Still, it is only the pilot. Hopefully the writing will get more nuanced as the show continues.


“Donkey’s Caroling Christmas-tacular” (2010): Thoughts

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This was kind of a nonsense short. It had no real plot or point. It was simply a Christmas party with all of the Shrek characters singing. There were a lot of stupid jokes and, given how short this piece was, a surprising amount of violence. It was actually kind of disturbing, particularly when the characters all sing about being fairy tale characters. Any small amount of plot would have been nice.

“Gift of the Night Fury” (2010): Thoughts

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This was a wonderfully sweet Christmas short about the town from How to Train Your Dragon. The holiday itself had a different name, but it was a completely Viking-ified Christmas, complete with a Christmas tree! The story was hopeful and sweet. I really liked how the villagers kept their spirits up with family, friends and traditions old and new. I also loved how the dragons leaving was explained nicely and brought together with the villagers’ holiday.


“Robin Hood” (2006-2009): Thoughts

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This is an interesting and amusing retelling of the story of Robin Hood. I appreciated the fierce, independent women in the series, even if sometimes their stories betrayed a lack of grace in storytelling. Robin was charismatic and appealing and the villains were delightfully fun to hate. I definitely felt like the series lost something after Marian died and Djaq and Will Scarlet left the group, even though I did like Tuck a lot. This was absolutely a fun series, but the lack of consistency was slightly frustrating. Still, I enjoyed it and am glad to have watched it!


A King’s Ransom: Thoughts

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More historical mysteries helped lead to more information (and more questions) about the Cahills and the Vespers and whatever it is they’re embroiled in. There is so much going on in this series (and so much that might be going on) that it’s hard not to be totally engrossed! I look forward to the next book!

The Medusa Plot: Thoughts

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This book gave us our first half-glimpse of the modern Vespers. It’s intriguing to see what the Cahills know and don’t know and to try to piece together the story from that and what clues we have that they don’t. I’m incredibly intrigued and very much looking forward to reading more!


Autobiography of Mark Twain: Fifteenth Post (Misadventures)

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Twain’s “scheme” for finding a desirable job was great, but I don’t think that it would likely work today. I loved the section where he talked about the post office and the odd ways that people have addressed letters to him! I am so glad that his wife saved envelopes and things so that he had those addresses to tell us about.

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