Just as Long as We’re Together: Ninth Post (Final Thoughts)

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This ended nicely, with everyone making up, but the girls didn’t exactly deal with their issues either. I can’t help feeling like some of the problems, like Rachel thinking that the other two are immature, will continue to be problems. I also felt like there wasn’t really any resolution for Steph’s family plotline. Her parents didn’t really deal with how badly they handled their separation as it relates to their kids and that was frustrating.


A King’s Ransom: Thoughts

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More historical mysteries helped lead to more information (and more questions) about the Cahills and the Vespers and whatever it is they’re embroiled in. There is so much going on in this series (and so much that might be going on) that it’s hard not to be totally engrossed! I look forward to the next book!

The Medusa Plot: Thoughts

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This book gave us our first half-glimpse of the modern Vespers. It’s intriguing to see what the Cahills know and don’t know and to try to piece together the story from that and what clues we have that they don’t. I’m incredibly intrigued and very much looking forward to reading more!


Autobiography of Mark Twain: Fifteenth Post (Misadventures)

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Twain’s “scheme” for finding a desirable job was great, but I don’t think that it would likely work today. I loved the section where he talked about the post office and the odd ways that people have addressed letters to him! I am so glad that his wife saved envelopes and things so that he had those addresses to tell us about.


Just as Long as We’re Together: Eighth Post (Families)

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I really hate Stephanie’s parents. On the other hand, Alison’s parents seem fantastic. This is an interesting book. Parts of it are still very relevant and I’m really enjoying reading it for those, but other parts are oddly outdated or strange. I can see why I liked this book when I was around the age of the characters, however now I really don’t enjoy it because of the parents and such driving me crazy!

“Midnight in Paris” (2011): Thoughts

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This is a marvelous movie that gives a great view of the American scene in 1920s Paris. Among the featured historical figures are Gertrude Stein, Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Cole Porter and T. S. Elliot. The main character, the modern outsider among this fabulous group, served as an excellent guide, asking interesting questions and exhibiting the appropriate amount of awe. I enjoyed this movie so much and was so pleasantly surprised by it! I’m glad to have seen it.


Autobiography of Mark Twain: Fourteenth Post (Patience)

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Twain has little patience for unnecessary and illogical things. This results in a general annoyance towards any bureaucracy and a perfect willingness to ignore or otherwise give up on any endeavor requiring interactions of such a nature. I don’t know what he would have done today, in a world where such nonsense absolutely cannot be avoided. He would have gone crazy!


Vespers Rising: Thoughts

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This was a fantastic book! I loved that it gave us glimpses into Cahills past to show us what they were like and why they did things the way they did. It tied up loose ends from the previous series and led into the next one! Most interesting about these stories was how they showed family history passing into legend and the details being changed or forgotten over time and retellings of the stories. I have a feeling that’s important.


Autobiography of Mark Twain: Thirteenth Post (News)

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Twain has very biting remarks to make about various things he hears about in the news. I have to agree with him if the “battle” in the Philippines that he described really was what he says it was. He’s a very interesting man and I can certainly appreciate why he would have wanted this published only long after he and anyone mentioned in it would have died!


Just as Long as We’re Together: Seventh Post (Needing to Talk)

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Steph really needs to talk to somebody about what’s going on. The paper was a good start, but I don’t think that it was enough. Her parents really need to clue in, though, because they are not giving their children enough credit or enough information. They’ve completely failed to realize that what’s happening between them affects their children’s lives just as much as it affects their lives. That’s completely shortsighted and terrible parenting.

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