“Avalon High” (2010): Thoughts

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This was actually a great movie. I really enjoyed the premise (and completely want to read the book now!). The actors were also really good. They were well-cast and did an excellent job of portraying their very interesting characters. I was really pleased that Allie was King Arthur and I actually hadn’t seen it coming since it really did seem like Will was Arthur. This was a very fun movie!


Falling for Hamlet: Sixth Post (Final Thoughts)

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The bloodbath at the end of this story felt odd placed on a Lacrosse field. I liked hearing about Horatio’s struggle with it. He is too often unrecognized as the ever-supportive friend who would certainly have been torn apart by that experience. I thought that the author did a good job of showing how that mess affected the public and how they went about making sense of it. She did not address the question of who becomes king or queen now, though, which was a conspicuous omission. Overall, I enjoyed this book, but did not think that it was amazing.


Falling for Hamlet: Fifth Post (Lacrosse)

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I was surprised that Ray chose to turn the fencing match into a lacrosse game, especially since it doesn’t seem to be that popular a sport for the most part. The thing is, the author lives and teaches school in Maryland where, I have learned, lacrosse is very popular. So I suppose that it’s all about perspective.

Lacrosse is an interesting choice as well – it’s a combative, contact sport where the players carry sticks. One the other hand, it’s also a team sport, so other players are, by necessity, part of the action. Honestly, I’m not sure what I would have picked, but it likely wouldn’t have been lacrosse.


Falling for Hamlet: Fourth Post (The Play)

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After a lot of build-up this book just managed to cram an awful lot of the action of the play into a fairly short section. And for all of that build-up, a good deal of what Hamlet did from the play ended up not really working very well. As crazy as he’s getting, the constant of the narrative is that he never wanted to hurt Ophelia, yet then we get the nunnery scene, which this version makes partially public, and the very public humiliation from the beginning of the play scene. What’s with those scenes?

Falling for Hamlet: Third Post (Hamlet’s Struggle)

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Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are around now, as are the players. Ophelia is very focused on Hamlet and his internal struggle, to the exclusion of pretty much everything else in her life. Since this is from her point of view, it’s hard to tell what else might be happening with Hamlet. Are the adults remotely aware of what’s going on? How could they not be? Yet from what Ophelia is telling us it seems like they’re all missing it entirely, which is odd.


Falling for Hamlet: Second Post (Modernization)

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Now I’ve gotten to the events of the play itself. Some sections of lines are entirely rewritten, updated for the setting of the story. So far, no scenes have been really fully reproduced, only pieces. I’m never terribly fond of modernizations of Shakespearean dialogue, but outside of that the retelling isn’t bad. I have to wonder why Gertrude’s advisers didn’t make more of a fuss and try to at least delay her engagement and wedding, but it’s possible that they did and we simply aren’t hearing about it because Ophelia didn’t hear about it.


Falling for Hamlet: First Post (First Impressions)

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I was dubious about this book at first (not least of all because of the absolutely horrible cover), but I’m actually enjoying it quite a bit. The two frame stories are excellently chosen. They both really go a long way to help reinforce the sense of atmosphere which is so important to this story. The voices are good. They could be a little better differentiated at times (especially the secondary characters), but, for the most part, they work. The novel’s voice in general is excellent so far and I’m looking forward to reading further.


The Dragon Princess: Third Post (Fake Dragons)

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Of course the princess who can turn into a dragon would get kidnapped and fed to a “dragon”. That was never going to work out very well. At least she was able to run off the knucker so that it won’t prey on the poor villagers anymore. Now hopefully their journey can continue in a little bit more peace.


The Dragon Princess: Second Post (Secrets)

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I can appreciate why Emma and Eadric were so cautious about Millie’s dual nature with Eadric’s mother, however I don’t think that I agree with their decision. It was bound to cause more problems than it was worth sooner or later. I’m glad that Millie is strong-willed enough to decide to go off on her own for a cause she deemed truly important. I’ll be interested to see how it goes!


The Dragon Princess: First Post (First Impressions)

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Millie is an intriguing character. She turns into a dragon when she’s angry, but she also has a short fuse. She actually seems fairly sweet (as if she generally means well and while she gets angry, she never lashes out or anything like that). I like her half-vampire friend, Zoe. I’m interested to see where this story goes, but so far it has a very promising beginning! Perhaps Millie’s prince will be a dragon instead of a human?

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