Into the Woods: More Thoughts

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This is a really interesting play. The first act plays with the stories themselves and the second act with the ramifications of the events of the stories, but the real point is that stories are life lessons. They are important for growing up and learning to cope with life. This play has a great respect for stories and for their psychological messages. Children do listen, even when you and they don’t think that they are, and that’s why stories are important.


Into the Woods: Thoughts

Posted in Adults, Drama, Fiction at 12:43 am by Rosepixie

This is such an interesting mish-mash of fairy tale themes. I find Little Red Ridinghood and Cinderella particularly fascinating. Both are clearly going through a growing-up sort of story arc, but they are doing it in very different ways. Cinderella’s song about choices is probably the most interesting moment with her, and her statement that wanting a ball is not wanting a prince is particularly intriguing. This is a deceptively complex story.