Autobiography of Mark Twain: Fifteenth Post (Misadventures)

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Twain’s “scheme” for finding a desirable job was great, but I don’t think that it would likely work today. I loved the section where he talked about the post office and the odd ways that people have addressed letters to him! I am so glad that his wife saved envelopes and things so that he had those addresses to tell us about.


Autobiography of Mark Twain: Fourteenth Post (Patience)

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Twain has little patience for unnecessary and illogical things. This results in a general annoyance towards any bureaucracy and a perfect willingness to ignore or otherwise give up on any endeavor requiring interactions of such a nature. I don’t know what he would have done today, in a world where such nonsense absolutely cannot be avoided. He would have gone crazy!


Autobiography of Mark Twain: Thirteenth Post (News)

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Twain has very biting remarks to make about various things he hears about in the news. I have to agree with him if the “battle” in the Philippines that he described really was what he says it was. He’s a very interesting man and I can certainly appreciate why he would have wanted this published only long after he and anyone mentioned in it would have died!


Autobiography of Mark Twain: Twelfth Post (White House Visit)

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The story about Twain’s visit to the White House when he got Mrs. Cleveland to sign a card for his wife verifying that he followed her instructions was funny. It may be one of the funniest stories I’ve read in this book so far! I also love how he and his wife had a code so that she could correct his mistakes during social engagements. I wonder how they came up with such a system?


Autobiography of Mark Twain: Eleventh Post (Wife)

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Twain speaks very lovingly of his wife and how she raised his children. He talks about how she allowed Suzy to decide for herself if a crisis was large or trivial and he describes how she managed a small baby in a house of mourning. And despite it all, he seems ever in awe because she was always in pain and had difficulty moving much for long (a left-over from a childhood illness or perhaps a chronic condition not fully understood at the time). She sounds like she was a wonderful woman. I wish that I knew more about her.


Autobiography of Mark Twain: Tenth Post (Suzy’s Biography)

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Suzy’s biography of her father is wonderful and it’s clear that Clemens treasures it. At first I was annoyed that he’s only giving us little pieces of the biography at a time but now I think that it’s actually working well. I’m enjoying hearing what memories of his her comments trigger! The more that the character and personalities of his wife and daughters come out through his descriptions of them and anecdotes, the more I like them and wish that I knew more about them. I’m particularly curious about his wife. She seems so interesting and what must it have been like to be married to Mark Twain?


Autobiography of Mark Twain: Ninth Post (Responsibility)

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Twain’s views on politics and civic responsibility were brilliant. I absolutely loved the section about how it is more patriotic to act on your conscience than to do what is expected of you, even if you disagree with it.

His descriptions of his daughter Suzy are wonderfully vivid. I was especially interested in his descriptions of how he and his wife let the girls help choose their own punishments when they were necessary. It reminded me a bit of Jo’s methods in Little Men. It’s an intriguing parenting technique and certainly something to think about.


Autobiography of Mark Twain: Eighth Post (Old News)

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Twain’s fascination with old news is really interesting. Even though the magazine of very old news stories that he proposes never got off the ground, I still think that it’s a great idea! It would make a fantastic blog! I am finding the news story that he shared and keeps giving updates on interesting, even though it is one of those little stories that most people probably forgot a month or two after the to-do about it died down. That may actually be why Twain chose to talk about it!


Autobiography of Mark Twain: Seventh Post (The Monday Evening Club)

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I’m into the daily dictations that make up the bulk of the autobiography. He certainly is telling more or less random stories and he loses the thread of his story sometimes, but the tales are always amusing and interesting. I was particularly intrigued by his descriptions of “The Monday Evening Club”. I may be able to do something interesting with that!


Autobiography of Mark Twain: Sixth Post (Florence)

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Twain writes with evident mixed feelings about his time staying in Florence. He has interesting observations about both of the houses that he stayed in there. I loved his comments on the yellow in his bedroom (I hate yellow too). I can completely understand why he hated the Countess so much. She caused pain to his wife, pain that he considered to be wholly unnecessary. My husband reacts the same way to people who exacerbate my headache or inhibit me from doing things necessary to relieve some of that pain.

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