Wizards and Witches: Thoughts

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I’m not as impressed with this book as I was by the other two that I read from the series. It’s not as well organized and has some information that’s not entirely accurate. It also dates itself a lot more than the other two did. There is some interesting information, but it’s just not what I would expect it to be after having read those first two titles from this series.


Fairies and Elves: More Thoughts

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There’s a very interesting collection of suggested books, movies and websites. Some clear choices, but also some things I expected to find weren’t there. For example, the book talked quite a bit about Tinkerbell and her new series, but nothing about her was included in the list (not any Disney Fairies movies or books, nor any version of Peter Pan – play, book or any of the movies).


Fairies and Elves: Thoughts

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This was a surprisingly entertaining book and had lots of interesting information. It’s an incredibly brief overview of fairy and elf lore history, but considering the length, they did a great job choosing good information to include. I was highly amused by the sections about D&D and MMOs at the end (although Michael was upset that the image they claimed showed people playing WoW actually showed them playing Starcraft).


Immigration: More Thoughts

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This book was interesting, but I felt like it kind of glossed over a lot of the major issues involved. I’m not sure why. It just kind of felt like it spent a great deal of time repeating things while it barely mentioned some of the central issues. It’s not a bad introduction to the topic, but it’s strangely full of gaps.


Knights and Ladies: More Thoughts

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There’s some great stuff in this book. I’m very impressed with how many specific details are here. There is also one great illustration that I might use for my “I Want to Play Her” series on Pixiepalace. I hope the other books that I have from this series are as good!


Knights and Ladies: Thoughts

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This is full of interesting information. While a lot of it is about clothing and fashion, there’s a lot about other things too. True to the title, the book only really talks about nobility, but there is a surprising amount of information concerning the daily lives of medieval nobility! I’m impressed!


Elizabeth the Great: Seventh Post (Final Thoughts)

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Elizabeth was an amazing queen. She was totally dedicated to her country and its people for her entire reign. She accomplished so much! Even with the troubles with Mary and the Spanish, England enjoyed an amazing length of peace and prosperity while she reigned. I’m just in awe of her ability to keep control over her power and to guide her kingdom. She chose good advisers (most of the time) and was brilliant herself, and she did all of it in an place and time when a woman could be sold for 2000 pounds (and never fully paid for).


Elizabeth the Great: Sixth Post (Underestimating)

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It’s amazing to me how much people were able to underestimate Elizabeth. Some clearly did not (like Cecil), but so many did. And I have to wonder if Henry VIII would have ever had to face the kind of disrespect that Elizabeth occasionally did. It’s crazy that a woman who was so smart and was having such a successful reign could still be forced to deal with men who thought that they could control her and treat her as they pleased. She really was remarkable.


Elizabeth the Great: Fifth Post (Politics)

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The politics of Queen Elizabeth’s court were so complicated. Still, she seems to have had quite a command of what was going on around her. She could understand the international as well as the domestic implications of just about everything. The intricacies were so complex, but she navigated them. She chose advisers particularly well. I’m just amazed by how complicated it all was, and yet it all came down to just her.


Elizabeth the Great: Fourth Post (Marriage)

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Considering that in marriage the husband held all the power and Elizabeth was surrounded by men who treated their wives like dirt, it’s no wonder that she never got over her hang-ups about marriage! If I’d been in her shoes I wouldn’t have wanted to marry either, especially when you look at the terms of many of the proposed matches! “I get to be ruler as King of England, crowned immediately after our wedding.” “I get to dictate religious policy and you have to abide by my religion and covert for me.” “I will come and go as I please and don’t care if I ever get you pregnant, especially since I’m not planning to spend much time in England.” Oh yeah, those are some really tempting offers there.

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