The Catholic Girl’s Guide to Sex: Eighth Post (Final Thoughts)

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I really enjoyed this book. It was funny and well done. There was plenty of useful information along with anecdotes and cute quizes. All in all, the book was excellently designed and put together. Even the illustrations were appropriate in tone and design.


The Catholic Girl’s Guide to Sex: Seventh Post (Men)

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If men really think the way that books and media claim they do I’m very confused as to how they came to rule the world. I mean, I understand that men are more that capable of serious, creative thought, but books and other media seem pretty sure that upper brain function is pretty easily derailed. That just baffles me.

The Catholic Girl’s Guide to Sex: Sixth Post (Not Me)

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The more I read this the more I realize that I don’t get it. I’m just not the target audience. It’s still funny, but it’s not made for me!

Admittedly, I have little to say right now because I’m too busy being confused and scared by “The Ringers”.


The Catholic Girl’s Guide to Sex: Fifth Post (Relating)

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This book is very interesting. It covers everything from different positions to break-up letters. I still find the definitions to be very funny. I can’t say that I relate to a lot of it though, and not just because of the lack of “Catholic Guilt”. I guess that when you marry your high school sweetheart you miss out on the single girl experience some (not that I would change it for the world). I’m still enjoying the book.

The Catholic Girl’s Guide to Sex: Fourth Post (Humour)

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This was a very funny chapter. The discussion of re-sex mentalities was particularly funny. I also liked the diary (with totally typical teenage girl reasoning). The map of the basement was also pretty good, although I never would have even thought about it! Too creepy! I think that part of why this is so funny is the realism. That makes a big difference.


The Catholic Girl’s Guide to Sex: Third Post (The Purpose of Marriage)

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Ok, so one thing has always confused me. Why is getting married often seen as a way of having sex without the retribution of hell? Think about it. Every time someone says “don’t sleep with a guy or he’ll never marry you” they are primarily saying that the reason people (maybe just men, I’m not sure) get married is to have sex. Where did that perception come from? I mean, the church spends a lot of time (an inordinate amount of time, if you ask me – aren’t there bigger issues to worry about?) saying that sex is only for married couples and even then only for baby-making. However, it also says that marriage has many reasons for existing (primarily baby-making, but also companionship and because faith is stronger when shared). So, of all those reasons (none of which is sex, unless you are reading the letters from Paul in the Bible) why is sex the one people cling to? It just seems weird to me.

And it’s nice to know that boys’ beliefs about sex and related issues in childhood are often just as messed up as girls’.

The Catholic Girl’s Guide to Sex: Second Post (Church History)

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So far this book is very interesting. It is very clear on the church’s views on sex and contraception. What I found most interesting was the discussion of the Papal Birth Control Commission. I had never heard of it before or even suspected its existence. Even more surprising was that it recommended (with a vote 58-2) that the church drop (or at least soften) its ban on artificial contraception. Of course, every pope since has ignored it. There was also some interesting information on Catholics who have fought to change some of the church’s positions on things like contraception.

This book has been very informative and interesting so far. It is also consistently funny (I loved the definition of “agnostic” as well as the Catholic-guilt quiz). So far this is a very good book!

The Catholic Girl’s Guide to Sex: First Post (First Impressions)

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Already this book has me hooked. The authors manage to discuss some pretty serious topics (sex, dating, church law, etc.) with a sense of humour and a very realistic outlook. They really understand the make up of their readership but they seem pretty focused on sticking to their intended audience.

I look forward to hearing what this book has to say!