Cricket 38/6: Thoughts

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This was a good issue of Cricket. I loved “Esther and the King”, a Polish Purim story. There was an installment of “The Princess and the Golden Fish”, which is a fascinating story so far and I look forward to hearing the rest of it. I found “The Workhorse” very interesting. I had no idea any horse could jump so high! I also really liked the poem “Trivial Pursuit” about Roman roads. Cricket continues to be a marvelous magazine!


Cricket 38/5: Thoughts

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I enjoyed this issue of Cricket a great deal. I’ve missed this magazine so much. There’s so much wonderful content to be found in it! This one had part of a beautiful story about a Chinese princess who loves poetry and beauty and a short tale about a vain African girl who marries a leopard by mistake. It also had a fascinating short history of pet crickets in China and the origins of some of our forms of measurement. I also enjoyed the selection of Tao poetry.


Batgirl 17: Thoughts

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Why doesn’t Damien have to go to school or be homeschooled or something? I mean, he’s ten, there are laws requiring that kids be in school somehow! Yet he’s roaming the rooftops alone as Robin during the school day. What’s up with that? I am glad that Batgirl is finally officially part of Batman Incorporated, though. Hopefully that will continue for a while. I really am enjoying her comic and I wish that I had more issues of it now!

Batgirl 16: Thoughts

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Well, at least Batgirl isn’t being hunted by the police anymore, but a speedster in Gotham is very bad news. Newton certainly had his hands in a variety of projects! I’ll be interested to see where this one goes. I am curious about why Batgirl continues to seem kind of shut out from the major goings on in the Bat family right now, though. Perhaps the next issue will remedy that a little bit? I rather hope so, anyway.


Batgirl 15: Thoughts

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Really? The rest of the Bat family is coping with Bruce’s return and they decide to throw Batgirl a story where she’s being arrested for murder (or where they’re trying to arrest her, anyway)? Why doesn’t she get to be part of the whole Bruce Wayne homecoming mess too? Basically, I think this is stupid and unless the story does and awful lot to surprise me from here, I’m not sure that I will get less annoyed with it.

Batgirl 14: Thoughts

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This was an adorable, if fluffy, issue. It was a fun, lighthearted team-up between Batgirl and Supergirl with a silly plot to hold together some cute characterization and some great dialog. I would definitely read more adventures of Stephanie and Kara! They make a good team. I also really like one-shot stories like this that break up the heaviness of the over-arching plots and often make for some of the most fun issues.

Batgirl 9: Thoughts

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Where did Calculator get people-controlling-nanobots? Does he have a specific plan here, because right now it seems scattered and unclear. I guess I’m simply not sure if he’s trying to save Wendy or destroy Oracle or what. Also, Wendy really doesn’t seem to need saving (therapy, maybe, but not saving). Is Barbara really going to send Stephanie up against Calculator? She seems under-equipped and under-prepared for that. Maybe Dinah could come help?

Batgirl 7: Thoughts

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This was pretty good. The dialogue was well done and the story was amusing. It did a good job of highlighting Stephanie as Batgirl working working with Robin and Batman. It also showed Oracle back in the Batcave, despite some obvious reservations, and that she still very much has feelings for Dick Grayson. If he has feelings for her is a bit less clear. I enjoyed this, though, and it reminded me how much I miss reading comics.


Ultimate Spider-Man 133: Thoughts

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This was an interesting issue. The “silent” thing would have worked better without all the panels showing people yelling. Regardless, it didn’t give us any new information. Obviously the mask is supposed to make us fear Peter has been killed, but just as obviously he will be fine. He’s probably just off somewhere in trouble (like he usually is). I do wonder where the Fantastic Four and the Avengers are and what the X-Men are up to right now.


Ultimate Spider-Man 130: Thoughts

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This wasn’t really a story, it was just the most basic beginnings of one. Worse, I suspect that it was the beginning of a story that carried through multiple titles, which always irritates me. Why does every story have to be so big, so earth-shattering? Why can’t stories just stay small and focus on telling stories about the characters that the books are supposed to be focused on!

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