Cricket 38/6: Thoughts

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This was a good issue of Cricket. I loved “Esther and the King”, a Polish Purim story. There was an installment of “The Princess and the Golden Fish”, which is a fascinating story so far and I look forward to hearing the rest of it. I found “The Workhorse” very interesting. I had no idea any horse could jump so high! I also really liked the poem “Trivial Pursuit” about Roman roads. Cricket continues to be a marvelous magazine!


Cricket 38/5: Thoughts

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I enjoyed this issue of Cricket a great deal. I’ve missed this magazine so much. There’s so much wonderful content to be found in it! This one had part of a beautiful story about a Chinese princess who loves poetry and beauty and a short tale about a vain African girl who marries a leopard by mistake. It also had a fascinating short history of pet crickets in China and the origins of some of our forms of measurement. I also enjoyed the selection of Tao poetry.


The Horn Book LXXXV/4: Thoughts

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This issue of The Horn Book was almost entirely made up of ALA Award acceptance speeches, but they were marvelous speeches! Neil Gaiman’s speech was amazing and Kadir Nelson’s was very interesting. All of them were good. There was an excellent piece by Nikki Grimes as well pointing out that in over seventy years no single African American illustrator has ever won the Caldecott Medal (one team had a black member, but no single winner has been black), which seems almost inconceivable. The retrospective on the Printz Award was interesting, but ultimately left me feeling like award committees are way too random. As always, there were lots of good reviews as well. I love this publication!


Vogue 199/5: Thoughts

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This was the “Model Issue” of Vogue. I really couldn’t care less about the real lives of models (much like I couldn’t care less about the real lives of movie stars, but possibly even more so). There were a few interesting photo spreads, but otherwise this was an entirely boring issue. Oh well. Goodbye, Vogue! I officially give up on you and I really don’t think that I’m going to miss you!

Vogue 199/4: Thoughts

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This was the “Shape Issue” of Vogue. What I learned was the Vogue considers pretty much every shape except for maybe “tall” to be “problematic”. Vogue’s advice to all non-models: “1. Give thanks for what your mama gave you. 2. Bone up on all the latest shape-shifting bluffs and dodges. 3. Work your magic.” Translation: try to hide your “flaws” and look as much like a model as possible while pretending you’re proud of the body and shape you have. So I’m supposed to make up for being small (something I actually do like about myself) by wearing bright colors, flashy accessories, sky-high heels and a big attitude. Great. I think I’ll pass, thanks.

Vogue 199/3: Thoughts

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Since Vogue has gotten too clueless and vapid for it to be worth my time railing against the actual articles anymore, I thought I’d focus on the ads for a change. It turns out the ads are almost worse. The one that upset me the most was for Jimmy Choo – a shoe company. It was a set of three images on a two-page spread. The image that made me really angry was on the top half of the right-hand page. It showed a woman’s body from about her waist to just above her knee with one leg curled up so that its entirety was in the shot. The woman is wearing a white crocheted swimsuit with ties at the hips and open sides. On her feet are worked leather ankle strap stilettos with very high and very pointy heels. The heel of the visible shoe is pushed into the inside of the opposite thigh, high up near her crotch, and it looks rather painful. Her one visible hand, with its long, shiny, red fingernails, is teasingly pulling on one of the ties on her swimsuit. This is totally a bondage porn shot – the heels pressing into the woman’s flesh, the blood-red nails, the tease that she’s about to reveal more, the ties on the swimsuit and the tight cropping of the shot showing us only her crotch and surrounding areas. She’s not a person, she’s a sex toy. I was under the impression that Vogue was a mainstream magazine whose focus was fashion, not a porn magazine. I guess I was confused. And how is that supposed to sell me shoes, anyway? “Buy our shoes and men will want to use you for sex”? Not the best sales pitch if you ask me. Oh, and this was the “Power Issue”. You might want to look up “empowerment”, Vogue, since you seem to have totally missed the mark here. (And yes, I do hold a magazine partially responsible for the ad content. They can reject an ad for any reason, meaning that they didn’t reject this one and thus approved of it. They are responsible for what they print. If they said they wouldn’t print an ad, the company would make a new one. Vogue has that kind of power.)

Cricket 36/5: Thoughts

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I enjoyed this issue of Cricket a great deal. The play contest between Pudding and Ladybug sounds awesome and I look forward to finding out the outcome. “The Star Shard” continues to be fun, even with it’s fairly quiet installment in this issue. The two Civil War stories were great. I also loved “Brave Dog”, but I’m a sucker for that type of story! This was definitely a fun issue!


Spider 16/1: Thoughts

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Spider 16/1I bought this issue of Spider primarily because of the absolutely fantastic cover by David Hohn. I really enjoyed it, though. In some ways it reminded me of classic Crickets because they used to have more content like this and the Spider bugs still define a lot of words, whereas the Cricket gang has cut way back. I loved “I Won’t Sneeze” and “The Magic Pot”, but I’m always a fan of folk-tale-type stories. I also enjoyed “Doodlebug and Dandelion: The Snow Maze” a great deal because it was cute and funny. Overall I was quite pleased with this issue and am almost tempted to pick up another issue of Spider!


Vogue 199/2: Thoughts

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Ok, I am seriously sick of Vogue. It has gone beyond my threshold for stupidity. They had a piece about Blake Lively and Gossip Girl. It showed more than anything how completely clueless and out of touch Vogue is. They actually said that the Gossip Girl characters are like those found in Tolstoy, Waugh, Nabokov or Thackeray. But they aren’t because those amazing authors all wrote about how high society is petty and worthless – there’s a reason Waugh called them “vile bodies”. Gossip Girl, on the other hand, glorifies these “bright young things” and their extremely spoiled, consumerist, elitist behavior. There is no satire in Gossip Girl (unsurprisingly, since the author totally buys into this behavior). Seriously, are the people behind Vogue so clueless that they don’t understand this? I can tell you that I want no part of the society that they value. I’ll stay in the world where it is understood that Thackeray’s story satirizes high society and Tolstoy shows us that society is so cold and cruel and self-centered that it can kill for no real reason that should matter!

New Moon Girls XVI/3: Thoughts

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This issue of New Moon Girls was all about the future. It talked about space exploration, modern inventions, saving the environment and what changes our new president might make. There was a section of girls’ letters to their future selves which encouraged readers to write such a letter. It was interesting. Some of the girls assumed that they knew where their lives would take them, while others made no assumptions at all. I also liked the article about Victoria Woodhull. She was a fascinating woman and the article showed it. This was a pretty good issue of New Moon Girls!

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