Grimm: “Bears will be Bears” (2011): Thoughts

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In this episode the show plays with the story The Three Bears. Goldilocks (I believe her name was Gilda or something and she completely looked the part) and her boyfriend broke into a fancy house that apparently belonged to three shapechanging bears (there are a lot of shapechangers in this show). Overall, this was a far more interesting reimagining of a fairy tale than the first episode was.

Grimm: “Pilot” (2011): Thoughts

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This episode’s tale was Little Red Riding Hood. It set up the wolf as a shapechanging murderer/kidnapper who lived a mild-mannered life in the woods and attacked girls who traveled the forest paths. It was a reasonable update of the bare bones of the story, but the sense of stalking and deception was gone. Still, it is only the pilot. Hopefully the writing will get more nuanced as the show continues.


“Donkey’s Caroling Christmas-tacular” (2010): Thoughts

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This was kind of a nonsense short. It had no real plot or point. It was simply a Christmas party with all of the Shrek characters singing. There were a lot of stupid jokes and, given how short this piece was, a surprising amount of violence. It was actually kind of disturbing, particularly when the characters all sing about being fairy tale characters. Any small amount of plot would have been nice.

“Gift of the Night Fury” (2010): Thoughts

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This was a wonderfully sweet Christmas short about the town from How to Train Your Dragon. The holiday itself had a different name, but it was a completely Viking-ified Christmas, complete with a Christmas tree! The story was hopeful and sweet. I really liked how the villagers kept their spirits up with family, friends and traditions old and new. I also loved how the dragons leaving was explained nicely and brought together with the villagers’ holiday.


“Robin Hood” (2006-2009): Thoughts

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This is an interesting and amusing retelling of the story of Robin Hood. I appreciated the fierce, independent women in the series, even if sometimes their stories betrayed a lack of grace in storytelling. Robin was charismatic and appealing and the villains were delightfully fun to hate. I definitely felt like the series lost something after Marian died and Djaq and Will Scarlet left the group, even though I did like Tuck a lot. This was absolutely a fun series, but the lack of consistency was slightly frustrating. Still, I enjoyed it and am glad to have watched it!


“Midnight in Paris” (2011): Thoughts

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This is a marvelous movie that gives a great view of the American scene in 1920s Paris. Among the featured historical figures are Gertrude Stein, Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Cole Porter and T. S. Elliot. The main character, the modern outsider among this fabulous group, served as an excellent guide, asking interesting questions and exhibiting the appropriate amount of awe. I enjoyed this movie so much and was so pleasantly surprised by it! I’m glad to have seen it.


Xena: “If the Shoe Fits…” (1998): Thoughts

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This episode was sort of a team retelling of Cinderella. The story progresses as it is passed from storyteller to storyteller, however it also changes. Each narrator recasts him or herself into the tale (usually as the title character) and the rest of the story is sort of remade in his or her own image. Joxer has a romantic encounter at the ball with Gabrielle (who is the beautiful princess in his portion of the story), Xena is strong and refuses to let a shoe determine her destiny, etc. It all made for a fascinating version of Cinderella that did a great job of illustrating the different characters from the show.

Rugrats: “Finsterella” (2001): Thoughts

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This episode is a retelling of Cinderella with Chuckie playing the title role. It was actually a great use of the story. Chuckie has a new stepmother and a new stepsister and he uses the story to work through his conflicting feelings about them. Chuckie focuses on the early part of the story, before the ball, because his growing understanding that his new family is loving and that he has the wit and courage to get what he wants for himself make portraying the actual ball unnecessary. I enjoyed this episode.


Rugrats: “No Place Like Home” (2000): Thoughts

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This retelling of The Wizard of Oz is a drugged dream that Susie has while have her tonsils taken out. The abstract concepts from the original story were replaced by more concrete objects (i.e. “courage” became “a flashlight”), with the exception of the wish to go home. There were references to the 1939 movie, but the world was entirely constructed of the trappings of a child’s world – a hopscotch road, a merry-go-round, a petting zoo, bunny slippers, a playground, even a bouncy castle. It was cute, if a bit odd.

Rugrats: “Two by Two” (1999): Thoughts

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Poor Angelica totally got left to die in the flood! I mean, sure, she’s kind of a brat and all, but does she really deserve to be drowned horribly in the flood while even the dog, Spike, and the ants from the backyard get to be saved in the ark? The kids actually acted out the story of Noah’s ark pretty faithfully – even to the point of only saving worthy humans, yet trying to save all the animals. It was actually slightly disturbing.

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