“Donkey’s Caroling Christmas-tacular” (2010): Thoughts

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This was kind of a nonsense short. It had no real plot or point. It was simply a Christmas party with all of the Shrek characters singing. There were a lot of stupid jokes and, given how short this piece was, a surprising amount of violence. It was actually kind of disturbing, particularly when the characters all sing about being fairy tale characters. Any small amount of plot would have been nice.

“Gift of the Night Fury” (2010): Thoughts

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This was a wonderfully sweet Christmas short about the town from How to Train Your Dragon. The holiday itself had a different name, but it was a completely Viking-ified Christmas, complete with a Christmas tree! The story was hopeful and sweet. I really liked how the villagers kept their spirits up with family, friends and traditions old and new. I also loved how the dragons leaving was explained nicely and brought together with the villagers’ holiday.


“Midnight in Paris” (2011): Thoughts

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This is a marvelous movie that gives a great view of the American scene in 1920s Paris. Among the featured historical figures are Gertrude Stein, Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Cole Porter and T. S. Elliot. The main character, the modern outsider among this fabulous group, served as an excellent guide, asking interesting questions and exhibiting the appropriate amount of awe. I enjoyed this movie so much and was so pleasantly surprised by it! I’m glad to have seen it.


Superman Shorts (1941): Thoughts

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These were fascinating shorts. Many of them focused on World War II themes – saving a government operative who has been spying on NAZIs so that she can get her into safely to Washington, Japanese spies trying to steal U. S. bomber technology, even a short about Superman systematically sabotaging Japanese military efforts! There were also mad scientists and killer robots, though. A dinosaur even factored into one episode! I liked Lois even though she got kidnapped quite a few times. She was a tough, smart, quick-tongued reporter and definitely wasn’t a willing damsel in distress.


“Henry V” (1989): Thoughts

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Wow, this version really played up the “by the glory of God” angle. The extended scene after Henry’s speech about their victory being due to God fighting on their side really highlighted that theme. It was a wordless scene with Harry and his soldiers wandering around through the battlefield covered in bodies while a choir sings a Latin song about the glory of God. The movie even ended with a very solemn moment about God joining England and France through the holy union of Harry and Katharine. I guess that I simply wasn’t expecting the heavy religious angle.

“Thumbelina” (1993): Thoughts

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This movie stuck surprisingly close to the original story given that it began with Thumbelina as a young woman living in a community of tiny people. She spent the movie trying to carry out a mission that she was constantly derailed from by being kidnapped for various purposes. I was pleased that she actually had a mission and that the prince married her for her bravery and heroic acts, not because she was beautiful. In fact, beauty really didn’t factor in heavily to most of the situations she ended up in. It was a refreshing change to the story!


“Jane Eyre” (1996): Thoughts

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This was a fine movie version of Jane Eyre, but it wasn’t especially memorable or engaging either. Jane was fine, but I felt very little encouragement to care much about her (especially about adult Jane). Without a lot of reason to care about Jane, it’s hard to care a lot about the story. Adele was cute and enthusiastic, though, which was nice since she’s usually so disappointingly forgettable in movie versions of this book.

“The Adventures of Tom Thumb and Thumbelina” (2002): Thoughts

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This was an interesting movie. It largely focused on Thumbelina’s story with the mouse who helped her and the mole who wanted to marry her against her will. But thrown into the middle of it was Tom Thumb. He really bore almost no resemblance to his actual fairy tale. As far as I could tell, he was basically there to give Thumbelina a legitimate love interest. I wasn’t especially impressed with this one.


“A Wrinkle in Time” (2003): Thoughts

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This was actually a pretty good movie version of a somewhat complex book. Some of the more interesting layers to the story didn’t translate to film very well, but the core plot and the sense of science, mystery and math behind it all was there. Charles Wallis was marvelous and I was quite pleased by his performance. I was even impressed that, like the book, the end had a sense of there being more to the story, of life and all the complexities unveiled in this tale moving on, moving forward, after we stop watching.

“The Hound of the Baskervilles” (2003): Thoughts

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This was a very slow telling of this mystery, but it mostly worked. Holmes was a little dull, but Watson was really good. Both of the women were a little bit too quivery and weepy for my taste (even for this story), but I generally liked the woman who played the housekeeper. I thought that how they gave the clues was pretty good, even if it felt like it took too long for them to pull it all together.

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